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American Idol

American Idol’s Long Rap Sheet

Seems that being rocketed from nameless obscurity to international fame is not without its pitfalls. Past American Idol contestants have seen their fair share of trouble with the law. Here is a run-down of notorious Idol alums who have experienced run-ins with the law since appearing on the show:

Brothers Terrell and Derrell Brittenum were stand-outs in the first two episodes of Season 5. But they didn’t get much further, being charged with forgery, theft by deception and financial identity fraud. Their arrests occurred between the taping of the first two episodes and those of subsequent ones, so they were not able to participate. Talk about extenuating circumstances! I guess they could have hooked up a live feed and let the brothers give their rendition of “Jailhouse Rock”.

Julia DeMato placed tenth in Season 2, successfully making a splash by performing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” during the Idol tour. But a few less-than-chart-topping recording efforts later, DeMato was making headlines for her arrest for DUI and possession of marijuana and cocaine. Of course, Demato claims it was all a misunderstanding. Riiiiight. So she misunderstood that driving while drunk and in possession of drugs are against the law? That kind of misunderstanding?

Jessica Sierra placed tenth in Season 4 of the show and reportedly has an album called Rebound, dropping this month. But from what is Sierra rebounding, you ask? Well, it seems that after her post-Idol career didn’t take off, she became something of a scrapper, starting several bar fights during 2007 that resulted in two separate convictions of battery and cocaine possession. She participated in a Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky for one of these altercations but for the more severe of them was ordered by a judge to get in a more rigorous, year-long rehab program, as well as to stay away from any kind of reality-type television crew. This last restriction prevented Sierra from being on reunions of both Idol and Celebrity Rehab. But her recovery is apparently still in effect, and Dr. Pinsky has since called her “a new woman.”

In a turn of events almost too weird to be true, eighth place finisher on Idol’s Season 5, Bucky Covington, was arrested for taking the fall for a traffic accident perpetrated by his identical twin brother. Several years prior to the taping of Idol, brother Rocky Covington was involved in a car accident and, fearing that he would have license suspended because of a previous DUI, called up his identical twin brother, Bucky, to hurry to the scene and stand in for him. The other person involved in the accident agreed on the switcheroo, but after it came time to determine who would pay for the damages to their vehicles, said person called the police, and Bucky was promptly arrested.

And then there’s Season 4 runner-up, Bo Bice, who was twice busted pre-Idol for cocaine possession but was spared any jail-time by agreeing to enter drug treatment programs. Bice has since kept his nose clean.

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12.28.2010 / 04:26 AM EDT by Nathan Pensky
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