Camille Grammer Set to Land $50M Divorce Settlement
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer Set to Land $50M Divorce Settlement

Ladies (and gents), let this serve as a warning: Camille Grammer will walk away with half the moolah she and hubby Kelsey accumulated during their 13-year marriage — completely because the couple never signed a prenup. Without that one teensy legal doc, Kelsey and Cammy are legally obligated to share their earnings 50/50, including the money Kels pulled in for his time on Frasier (which continued — and still continues — to trickle in years after the show has been off the air.) So, how much monies do the couple have to split? TMZ says the couple “ammassed a fortune in excess of $100,000,000.” We haven’t seen a number that long since 10th grade algebra!

But Kels wasn’t the only one makin’ it rain in the Grammer household. Sources say that when Kels was “strapped for cash” Camille’s business savvy enabled the couple to stay afloat. Cammy suggested they invest their small fortune in real estate — which proved to be a very fruitful move. Now, the ex-lovers own property in LA, Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, NYC and Colorado. Day-um! "They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team,” a source familiar with the couple’s finances says.

We might make fun of Camille, but we totally think she deserves this money (and we kinda hope she spends part of it on a love nest with some young hot Hollywood hunk just to make things interesting...and fair.)

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