Troian and Shay Say That Acting on Pretty Little Liars Is Harder Than It Looks
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Pretty Little Liars

Troian and Shay Say That Acting on Pretty Little Liars Is Harder Than It Looks

With less than a week until Pretty Little Liars returns, we've been seeing advertisements for the show everywhere. All of them make us even more excited for the winter premiere, but there’s one ad in particular that caught our attention. Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell are featured in Nylon, where they explain how they’re similar to their characters, what they like best about their respective roles, and why Pretty Little Liars is so awesome. Read on to hear what the little liars have to say.

Troian explains that she's similar to her go-getter character Spencer Hastings in that she’s ambitious and loves to be involved. Troian likes “everything new that I can do or learn about: writing, singing, drawing, dancing - you name it, I probably aspire to become better at it.” Her determination and drive makes it sound like playing Spencer isn’t much of a stretch. However, Troian says there are hard parts such as “remembering that she [Spencer] still has a lot of growing up to do.”

Despite this difficulty, Troian loves the role because Spencer is a lot more sarcastic than the characters she’s played in the past and she loves getting to wear all of Spencer's equestrian gear. Plus, Troian explains that PLL is an amazing show to be a part of because it has "just the right amount of camp and heart.”

Shay tells Nylon that she relates to her character Emily Fields in that she’s a really loyal friend and she also has a competitive side when it comes to sports. Playing Emily is certainly fun, but similar to Troian, Shay explains that it isn't as easy as it seems: “Emily’s character has a lot of different layers to her. She may come across shy at first, but she is also very driven and outspoken when she wants to be. Finding that balance, along with the many hard situations she deals with on a daily basis, make it a very interesting experience.” We can definitely imagine this and think we’ll see more of Emily’s many sides during the second half of the season.

Speaking of Emily opening up, Shay explains that her favorite episode is Season 1, Episode 11 “Moments Later” because there's a very sweet scene between father and daughter. We have a feeling Shay’s talking about the one where Emily tells her dad about her sexuality and trust us, it’s very emotional and sincere. Shay adds, “Every episode is so much fun to shoot but that one sticks out because it was really touching and I connected with the character more than every before.” You'll see what Shay is talking about in just a matter of days, but countdown with us while you wait.

Source: Nylon


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