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10 Reasons Why Bones and Booth Need to Get Together

We're dying here, because not only do we have to wait until January 20 for a new Bones episode, we're left wondering what will happen to Booth and Brennan after Brennan's heartbreaking confession in "The Doctor in the Photo." Well, we've decided that the partners need to kill their sexual tension and get together already. Without further ado, we present 10 reasons why Booth has to ditch Hannah and get with Bones.

Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX    

10. It will make for an even more interesting storyline
It used to be that when a TV couple finally made it official, the joy of their relationship would evaporate along with the sexual tension. But TV writers have worked around that in recent years, proving it can be even more exciting when a couple stops dancing around their mutual attraction and gets down to business. On The Office, Jim and Pam spent years teasing fans with their will-they/won't-they flirtation before hooking up. They dated other people, almost got together, backed off, and then reunited — just like normal people. When the writers finally opted to give them a happy ending, the show didn't lose its luster: First they tried to hide their relationship from their coworkers, then they got married, and then Pam found out she was preggers and popped out a mini Halpert. When two characters start dating, the 'ship can spawn entire seasons worth of new material.

9. If they wait too long, it could be too late!
Hart Hanson has said, "I have no interest in [Booth and Bones] getting together on the last day of the series." Five-and-a-half seasons in, the show is still going strong, so it could be years before Booth and Brennan settle down. Us fans don't want just one or two episodes with them together; we've waited years for the partners to hook up and are dying to watch them be lovey-dovey for at least a season... or two... or three.

8. Fans will have something new to root for
Since the very first episode of the series, fans have been pulling for Booth and Brennan to finally see what we do: That they are meant for each other. But wouldn't it be nice if we could root for something else related to the couple? Like them tying the knot? Having children? Working through relationship issues? The possibilities are endless!

7. Sweets knows they're in love
Lance Sweets has been writing a book about Brennan and Booth because he (like us) finds their relationship fascinating. A trained psychologist who studies human behavior, he sincerely believes they are hopelessly in love and just fighting it. Wouldn't it be nice if he could gloat about being right?

6. The writers can develop new storylines around their exes
If Booth and Brennan get together, their exes could come out of the woodwork and make life interesting. For example, Booth's ex, Rebecca, could decide she really does want to marry him, or perhaps Hannah could reappear in D.C. with Booth's lovechild. Who knows?

5. That kiss was real
Let's go back to Season 3, Episode 9, "The Santa in the Slush," the episode in which Caroline was "feeling puckish." She manipulated Booth and Brennan into kissing under the mistletoe, and in case you didn't notice, that kiss was real. It wasn't just a quick peck; it was a liplock that spoke volumes.

4. Brennan pushed Sully away because of Booth
Brennan had a shot at love with Sully (Tim Sullivan, FBI Agent who stepped in to help Brennan after Booth went to therapy with Gordon Wyatt), but she let it slip through her fingers by refusing to leave with him to sail around the world. Why'd she turn him down? Angela thought it was because of Booth, and Angela is usually right about these things. Brennan couldn't bear the thought of leaving her bestie behind.

3. Brennan has admitted to seeing herself With Booth
Even before her heartfelt confession in "The Doctor in the Photo," Brennan admitted to Booth and Sweets that she's pictured herself with Booth. In typical Brennan fashion, she blurted this out completely matter-of-factly while at lunch with the two guys. Although she doesn't always do it with social grace, Brennan has been trying to inch her way back toward Booth ever since he told her he loved her.

2. Brennan is Booth's best friend
You know what they say about relationships: You have to start out as friends if you want to make it for the long haul. Booth and Brennan are definitely BFFs. Even Bones producer Stephan Nathan admitted, "Whatever [Booth's] relationship with Hannah, Brennan is always the closest person in his life."

1. Because they can't not get together!
This is totally the 'shipper in us speaking, but if Booth and Brennan don't get together, we just don't know what this world is coming to! The number one reason they need to get together? Because they just have to. Period. End of story.