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America's Next Top Model

How to Look Like a Top Model This New Year: Fitness Tips from Tyra

If you're anything like us, something very strange happens in the months of November and December. It suddenly becomes totally normal to eat 10 or 15 cookies a day, or to indulge in an entire wedge of cheese. Then along comes the taunting New Year with its theme of "starting over." Sigh. What does Tyra Banks, a woman who has oft spoke of her love for food and curves, do to get back in fighting shape?

After receiving an overload of requests for her tips on weight loss (including someone who sent Tyra a prepaid cell phone in the hopes that she would call with some advice), the model-mogul dedicated a November '09 episode of The Tyra Banks Show to fitness called "Get Your Shape In Shape," with an appearance from her nutritionist, Heather Bauer. Tyra had Bauer on a number of episodes, and what follows are a few basic tenets of her/their fitness philosophy.

1. No dieting. "I do not believe in diets," Tyra said. "I have been on diets in the past. They are a bunch of bologna." So far, we're liking this plan. It even mentions food!

2. Skinny doesn't matter. "It's not about skinny," Tyra said. "I don't even want to be skinny." The emphasis is on a lifestyle change you can maintain.

3. You don't need a trainer. Tyra hired only Heather, who told Tyra that it's 80 percent food and 20 percent exercise.

4. Record everything you eat. Tyra's mantra is, "If you bite it, write it."

5. Learn the difference between leave 'em carbs (bagels, muffins, scones and other bread-y things you probably enjoy) and love 'em carbs (beans, corn, brown rice).

6. Don't fall into food traps. Bauer lists a few common "healthy" foods to approach with caution. (Sushi is among them. We're in trouble.)

7. Bauer also emphasizes meal makeovers. Get condiments on the side, resist the Diet Coke, etc. And though it's a word we often hear when it comes to food, there must be a reason we often hear it: moderation.

Farewell, trays of ziti and plates of holiday pastries. See you next winter!


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12.31.2010 / 02:35 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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