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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Psychic or Psycho? Allison DuBois Uses Powers to Predict Camille’s Bright, Shiny Future

Since she’s a self-proclaimed psychic and all, Allison DuBois — inspiration for the show Medium, and Camille Grammer’s best, best friend — really should have seen the firestorm of criticism coming from her recent appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Who can forget those magic TV moments Allison conjures up in Episode 1.9, “The Dinner Party from Hell,” when she whips out her modern-day Cruella de Vil electronic cigarette and goes to town verbally attacking Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick, and the rest of the speechless Beverly Hills wives?

In an effort to do some damage control, Allison recently posted a statement on her Web site, declaring that her batty behavior on the show was due to huge amounts of alcohol poor editing.

But she's not through! Now, in a deliciously revealing interview, the delusional medium shared her thoughts on what really happened that fateful night. Pull up a chair and prepare to enjoy the buffet of cray-cray Allison has laid out just for us:

On how she was portrayed on the show: “They tried to make it look like I was drinking too much. I had 2.5 drinks in 4 hours. Like anyone else, when you have anything to drink you don't edit yourself ... you are a little looser with the lips I guess. It was a dinner party, it was a Saturday night and I had to put up with those women. And so what you see on the show is me trying not to leave the table, it was the only way to tolerate them quite frankly, and I was sipping my drink. But every time I took a sip they cut to me. They didn't show me drinking my glass of ice water as well.”

On the nice, down-to-earth Camille none of us get to see:
“I've known [Camille] for 10 years, and she's actually one of the nicest people I've ever met. And anyone that's met her says how lovely she is, so I really don't understand that people are seeing her in such a negative light. But, yes, I was purely there as support for her and I have an issue with bullies. I call Camille 'Bambi' as a nickname because she doesn't know how to push back.”

On some of the Real Housewives she actually likes:
“I felt really bad for Kim [Richards], first of all. As upset as I was of how I was treated through the powers of editing, watching Kyle treat Kim ... who already seemed fragile ... I just felt horrible for her. I mean, that's her family. I don't understand. I thought Kim was pretty nice. I was actually enjoying Adrienne [Maloof] until the fighting started, and then she didn't know what to say because it was entirely uncomfortable. I complimented Lisa [Vanderpump] on her blouse and she said, 'Make sure when the camera is on to say that again because I'm selling them.'”

On Camille’s bright future:
“I think she is going to end up being happy again and getting married and having the life she wants. I do worry about her. She is very fragile right now and all this press is not good for her. It is bad press. I told her she needs to hire a publicist. I'm trying to get her to do that. I think Camille is going to be fine ... I know that she's going to be OK. She's there for her kids and she'll get remarried and she knows who her friends are.”

Read the full interview here for more juicy deets about Allison, Camille’s divorce, and Kyle’s marriage, then decide for yourself: is Allison DuBois psychic or psycho?

Source: Wonderwall

12.31.2010 / 09:01 AM EDT by Liz Hardy
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