Top 10 Greatest Mauricio Umansky Quotes of All-Time
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 10 Greatest Mauricio Umansky Quotes of All-Time

There’s no question that Kyle’s husband Mauricio is our favorite spouse on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He has a way of being the voice of reason that Kyle needs, while still reminding us of how much he loves her. Here are his ten funniest and most romantic quotes of the season. Seriously — how great is this guy?

10. You snooze, you lose (Episode 1.3)

Lisa: Isn’t that a bit selfish, just plop yourselves in the middle of the table?
Mauricio: Well, we’re the first ones here, aren’t we?

9. Mauricio gets jealous of the ladies (Episode 1.5)

Mauricio: From the point of view of getting eight guys together or eight girls and a guy, the conversation at the dinner table between the eight girls is so much more interesting and juicy than the eight guys.

8. Kyle likes to be prepared (Episode 1.3)

Kyle (about her Vegas luggage): I don’t want one comment about the amount of stuff.
Mauricio: Honey, we’re there for two days!

7. Poor Thumper (Episode 1.8)

Mauricio (looking at a menu): That’s that one I saw that guy eating — it looked amazing.
Kyle: Rabbit sauce?
Mauricio: Pretend it’s lamb! Or pretend it’s veal!

6. Talk about an understatement (Episode 1.10)

Mauricio (about Camille firing him): I think that’s just a childish reason to not want to do business with somebody.

5. Mauricio’s going to make us cry! (Episode 1.3)

Mauricio: Let me tell you something — that reason about being the good mother is the exact reason that I married Kyle.

4. That’s a pretty good reason (Episode 1.8)

Mauricio: There’s tons of flights!
Kyle: So why’d you tell me we can’t leave Sunday night?
Mauricio: I didn’t want to!

3. Mauricio probably knows who Kelsey Grammer is (Episode 1.3)

Mauricio (jokingly, to Nick): Are you Kelsey?

2. Time for the important questions (Episode 1.4)

Mauricio: And all these donkeys — they gonna s**t all over my yard?

1. This is a much more effective abstinence method (Episode 1.8)

Mauricio (on what happens if they have another kid): I chop off the wiener after this thing.