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Wetpaint Exclusive! Ashley Tisdale Dishes on the Dangers of Cheerleading

As Ashley Tisdale fires herself up for a new batch of Hellcats episodes in 2011, she gives Wetpaint a Savannah-sized sampling of what’s around the corner, plus a proud moment in her Lancer miniskirt.

What can you tell us about what's coming up on the show?
“There's a lot of drama. You know, it's kind of dramatic right now between Marti, Dan, and Savannah. There's a whole triangle that Dan and Marti cheated on Savannah and Lewis. So you really don't know where Marti and Savannah's relationship is gonna go. They're roommates. Savannah brought her into the Hellcats so there's a lot at stake. And also with Travis with Marti's character, trying to get Travis out of jail. So there's just a lot of stuff going on in the Hellcats’ land of drama.”

Are you going to provide any music at all for Hellcats?
“Yeah, I actually performed with 3OH!3. 3OH!3's on an episode, and I did the Ke$ha part of ‘My First Kiss’ with them. So, it was a lot of fun. I was super-excited because 3OH!3 is one of my favorite bands.”

What's the hardest cheerleading move the producers have asked you to do? You've got skills, but they really push you.
“I know, they do! You know, they've never really asked me to do anything too out there, but I like to push myself in general as an actor, as for anything I'm doing. And, actually, it's cool to see the progression from the first episode to now because, for the sectionals routine, I had a cheerleading ‘V.’ I had a base — throw me in the air, catch me by my feet. And you have to tighten every muscle in your body to be up there. And then [my base] pushed me up on one foot and then I balanced on one foot and had my arms up. And let me tell you, it's the scariest freaking thing in the entire world. But, you know what, I did it and they got it on tape! And I can do it. I am a cheerleader now.”

12.31.2010 / 03:45 AM EDT by Scott Huver
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