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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Did Camille “Deserve” Her Messy Divorce?

We know Kelsey Grammer has been no angel in his divorce from RHoBH’s Camille Grammer. He dumped her — via telephone — after 14 years of marriage. He started dating a much younger woman a mere month or so after Camille filed for divorce (if you believe him, anyway.) He got this new gal preggo. And now he’s pushing for a “quickie divorce” from Cammy so he can marry said new girl (to whom he has already proposed!) and not “postpone his happiness any longer.” Gag!

Sounds pretty awful, right? Slowly but surely, though, the other side of the story is trickling out. Friends of both Camille’s and Kelsey’s are opening up to the media about what really was going on in the (odd) couple’s marriage.

One friend says “there were good reasons why Kelsey left Camille — long before he physically moved out.” Another claims “Camille was a pretty cold fish and often nasty to Kelsey” starting about two years ago.” That’s a long time to deal with someone being a total jerk (then again, 14 years is a long time to deal with someone like Camille Grammer, period....even at her best.

“On top of that, Camille appeared to be clueless about their relationship. She thought Kelsey was totally dependent on her and never dreamed he would leave her, especially for someone like Kayte,” the same source dishes. “She was always nervous about actresses and Hollywood celebrities that Kelsey innocently flirted with — not realizing it would be a non-celebrity who would win his heart. ... In a way, it makes sense that someone who would idolize him and be impressed by his stardom would win him.”

Here’s what we’re getting from all this: Camille drove Kelsey away with her jealousy... unknowingly, of course. She thought that after two kids and a gazillion dollars in shared fortune, she could treat him however she wanted and he’d stay around. She thought she had him wrapped around her tan little finger. Not quite, Cammy!

Sounds like Camille had a classic case of insecure wife syndrome, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s right. We said “Insecure.”

Source: The Real Housewives Gossip