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Glee Cast Tweet Treats: New Year’s Edition

Just like the rest of us, our fave Glee clubbers can't resist sending out blasts from their iPhones and CrackBerries. Even during the holiday season, the cast manages to squeeze in primo Twitter time. Check out their most festive tweets!

Glee Cast Tweet Treats: New Year’s Edition
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JohnStamos flying out to FLA to ring in the new year @ the hard rock with the beach boys. … Okay, so Uncle Jesse had a slightly more exciting New Year’s Eve than we did...

Mark_Salling - Thanks Philippines for being so rad, 1 highlight. A woman in the airport said to ask her daughter who I was. I died. … Aww, we died too. Just a little.

IJennaUsh New years eve massages with @mattymaisto. He's the best ;)
… We don’t know Matty Maisto, but we’ll take a massage any day.

JohnStamos The nice room service girl got my fake hotel name wrong and called me "mr sparkles" love it. I will only answer to mr sparkles today!!! … OMG, amazing gaffe.

Ashley_Fink Absolutely Fabulous marathon and fondue? Happy New Year indeed! … To each their own!

frankenteen Merry New Year! … To you as well, Cory!

Glee Cast Tweet Treats: New Year’s Edition
Credit: Twitpic    

iharryshum Happy New Year EVERYONE! Thanks for making this year amazing! 2011...4 more years until flying cars and hover boards! … We’ll believe it when we see it...

druidDUDE Best NYE already. And it's 1:20. Amazing bfast, power outage, dance party, and monopoly. @nayarivera @ijennaush … Nothing beats a midnight breakfast.

NayaRivera It's snowing in Valencia. Best. Year. Ever. … Um, we’re jealous. Naya, why didn’t you invite us to Spain?

chordoverstreet Happy new year!! 2011 is gonna be an awesome year! … Hells yeah!

msleamichele Having an awesome night with my family and friends & @iharryshum!!!! In Central Park!!!! What a great New York New Years!!!!
… Yet another celebration we weren’t invited to. Thanks for rubbing it in, Lea.

chriscolfer Happy New Years! My resolution for 2011 is to misbehave as much as possible so I'll have an interesting 2012 resolution! … Best. Resolution. Ever.