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America's Next Top Model

Plus Sizes, Male Models, What New Addition Do You Want to See on ANTM?

The theme of ANTM Cycle 15 was High Fashion, and we’re itching to see where the show can go after exploring these great heights. Will it be all plus-sized models? A destination cycle? (Perhaps in Hungary or Iceland?) These seem like realistic options. But we’ve come up with a few alternatives that tap into the zanier, unpredictable side of the show — the side that came up with the idea of Tyra dressing as the “Goddess of Fierce” in Cycle 12. That side. Here’s our dream list.

  • A Few Good Men: Male models vie for the title. Producers bring in a group of women three episodes in, when they realize the permeating sense of calm in the house is not filmable.
  • The Tyra Banks Show: Each contestant shares a first name with a very famous supermodel from the past. Hilarity, and mass confusion, ensues.
  • Little Giants: Models under age 10, but over 5’10”.
  • Blind Date: Andre, Nigel, Tyra, Jay and J are each responsible for picking five models for the competition who go unseen by the other judges until the first episode. Then, it’s war.
  • Best In Show: To appeal to a broader audience, each model brings her dog to compete alongside her. The models and their respective pups are housed separately, and we watch the drama unfold, split-screen style. The winning model gets a Cover Girl contract and representation with IMG. The dog gets cash.

And funnily enough, in each case the most photogenic person will still win.

01.3.2011 / 09:58 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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