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5 Reasons Why Booth and Hannah Won’t Last

We were (somewhat) shocked when Booth brought Hannah back from Afghanistan, but since she's here we can't help wondering if Booth's feelings for her are the real deal. In that spirit — and because we really want Booth and Bones to get together — we've pulled together five reasons Booth and Hannah may be dunzo by the end of Season 6.

5. Booth and Hannah got together too soon after Brennan rejected Booth

Let's face it, when you get rejected the way Booth did, it takes some time to get your mojo back. You need to be alone long enough to let yourself heal. Instead, Booth jumped into a relationship with Hannah, and he could be using her to hide his feelings of hurt.

4. Booth is pushing things along too quickly

Hannah barely arrives in town and Booth asks her to move in with him? Hmm… seems awfully fast. Almost as if he is trying to erase his pain at not having the girl of his dreams (Brennan, we're looking at you).

3. Their relationship began outside "Real Life"

Booth and Hannah hooked up in Afghanistan, where things are dangerous and about as far from a night at home watching the boob tube as you can get. When a relationship starts somewhere far off and exciting, it can be difficult to make it work back at home in the real world. After all, Hannah already got herself shot while following a lead in a dangerous 'hood.

2. Hannah is only an emotional shield

It's hard enough to get rejected by someone, but it's even more difficult when you work with that person and need to see them all the time. Booth may have latched on to Hannah as a means of protecting himself from Brennan and all the feelings she stirs up in him. Even when Hannah isn't with the two of them physically, the fact that she's Booth's girlfriend sits between them emotionally.

1. Booth has his secrets... and he hasn't told Hannah any of 'em

While Booth hasn't told Hannah about his gambling problem, he admitted it to Brennan before they even kissed. In "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole," Booth told Brennan that because he thought things were going to go somewhere with them, he wanted to come clean early on. Funny how he never did that with Hannah... Oh, and then there's the fact that Booth was once — and probably still is — madly in love with Brennan. Hannah still doesn't know about that!

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