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The Bachelor

Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese: Brad Womack Deserves His Second Chance

The Bachelor who dated both his winner and runner-up says we should forgive the Bachelor who dumped both his final ladies.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese chose Jennifer Wilson at the end of The Bachelor: Rome (Season 9), but when they broke up he started dating his second choice, Sadie Murray. It's possible he'll start dating everyone two-time Bachelor Brad Womack rejects, so why shouldn't he think Brad deserves a second chance? "If no one deserves a second chance, we are all screwed!" Lorenzo says. True!

"I don't think he fell in love the first time," Lorenzo tells Hollywood Life of Brad's 2007 experience on The Bachelor Season 11. "I believe he is ready to fall in love now. I think it's about time."

He also challenges Brad haters to ask themselves why they're holding a grudge. "Why do you hate the guy? Because he didn't fall in love? I don't think there is anything wrong with realizing a mistake just before it's too late, so instead of being a coward and just doing what everybody wanted him to do, it took a lot of guts and I don't think anybody should hate him. I think they should realize he was honest at the end."

He thinks 38-year-old Brad is at a better place in his life for settling down. "When anybody is close to hitting 40, they start thinking about it a little bit more," Lorenzo says.

He's also hoping Brad's 30 ladies — most likely cast for Bachelorette heartthrob Chris Lambton, who turned down The Bachelor Season 15 — will give him a chance, too. "Let's see how much they don't trust him after episode one. Everyone who stays obviously trusts him."

The prince shares these parting wishes for the not-really-new Bachelor: "Good luck, Brad. I hope your second go around is much more successful than your first!" According to Brad himself, it is more successful!

Source: Hollywood Life

01.4.2011 / 03:28 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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