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The Bachelor

Updates on Reality Steve’s Bachelor Season 15 Spoilers

*Spoiler alert* If you don't want any exposure to Reality Steve's spoilers, please check out the other stuff we have for you. Love ya! Bye!

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

Hey, spoiler lovahs, remember Reality Steve's episode-by-episode breakdown of The Bachelor Season 15? Steve still had a lot of blanks to fill (okay, that sounded unintentionally dirty), and he's updated his spoilers with some new info on the bachelorettes and their dates with Brad Womack.

Bachelorette bio extras

Keltie Colleen's past: We know Keltie is a Rockette, and she's going to prove it on the premiere by doing a high kick for Brad. (We've seen the preview.) She's been in a bunch of dance videos, and it turns out she also used to date Panic! At The Disco's guitarist, Ryan Ross, until early 2009 when he cheated on her. As Steve notes, this makes two ladies formerly with the band, as Chantal O'Brien (our rumored future Mrs. Womack) was once married to Jason Vena of the Seattle band Acceptance, which used to open for Panic! At The Disco. It seems ABC is now recruiting groupies.

• Vampire Smurf: Fang-banger Madison Garton has an IMDb page under a stage name, Madison McKinley. The vampire queen has been in some episodes of White Collar (playing a hostess and attendant), and she's going to play a model in The Smurfs movie. Remember how Bachelor Jake Pavelka used to act under the name Jake Landrum? Good times.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

Group date spoilers

Here's Steve's list of which ladies do and do not go on the group dates with Brad in the first four episodes:

PSA group date
Not on date: Ashley S., Madison, Sarah, Lindsey, Jackie (one-on-one), and Ashley H. (one-on-one)
On date: Britt, Chantal, Shawntel, Kim, Emily, Michelle, Melissa, Keltie Lisa, Marissa, Meghan, Raichel, Alli, Stacey

Stunt man group date
Not on date: Ashley S. (one-on-one), Emily (one-on-one), Madison, Meghan, Jackie, Sarah
On date: Britt, Chantal, Shawntel, Kim, Michelle, Lisa, Marissa, Alli, Ashley H., Lindsey, and Stacey

Dr. Drew group date
Not on date: Marissa, Chantal (one-on-one), Michelle (one-on-one), Shawntel, and Emily
On date: Ashley S., Ashley H., Alli, Lisa, Britt, Meghan, Lindsey, Jackie, Stacey

NASCAR group date
Not on date: Ashley S. (two-on-one), Ashley H.(two-on-one), Shawntel (one-on-one)
On date: (All the remaining girls) Alli, Marissa, Lisa, Michelle, Chantal, Jackie, Britt, and Emily

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

Individual date spoilers

Costa Rica: Chantal and Alli have the two one-on-one dates; Chantal goes camping and ziplining and gets rained on, so she returns to the house in Brad's shirt. Alli gets sent home on hers, though she's picked up on horseback by Brad for their cave date. The remaining ladies go on a group date rappelling down a waterfall.

St. Martin's: Britt has a one-on-one cliff diving date, and she and Brad also spend time on a yacht. Brad ends up sending Britt home at the end of their date. There's also a group date on the beach with Michelle, Chantal, and Ashley — all in red bikinis — and that's part of a Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Steve says the pics will be part of the February 15 edition of the magazine. So anyone who applies for The Bachelor to further her modeling career is actually making the right call. Emily and Shawntel have a two-on-one date in St. Martin's as well, but both ladies are said to make the final four, so it's just an excuse for another awkward three-way.

Source: Reality Steve

01.4.2011 / 05:23 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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