Will Nikki Heat Help Unite Castle and Beckett?
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Will Nikki Heat Help Unite Castle and Beckett?

Tonight’s the night (one of) Richard Castle’s dreams comes to fruition. We don’t mean that he finally gets Beckett in bed — but we do mean that he might get one step closer!

During tonight’s new ep of Castle, we’ll watch Richard’s book Heat Wave personified, with Laura Prepon stepping in as Natalie Rhodes, the “scream queen” actress hired to play Nikki Heat in Castle’s movie.

She initially shows up to shadow Beckett — to learn her ways — and everything is great, at first. "She shows up and wants to follow Beckett to get an understanding of what the character's about," creator Andrew Marlowe says. "Beckett is very excited because she's a fan, but then over the course of the episode, it feels a little bit to her like Single White Female, like this woman is taking over her personality."

Yep, Natalie totally gets her Beckett on. She goes as far as changing her hair color (er, donning a brown wig, actually) and — here’s the doozy — making a move on Castle! "She needs to feel a connection between her and Jameson Rook, who is essentially the Castle character in the books," Prepon explains of her character’s strange behavior. "But obviously she has a crush on Castle. There's definitely some love triangle stuff. The character's never been turned down before, and Castle's just confused because there's the real Beckett and the pretend Beckett."

But Natalie’s pushy behavior only pushes Castle away — and closer into the arms of his beloved Beckett. “What's cool about playing someone who's coming into the situation totally objectively is that she can totally see, like, 'Oh my God, these two are totally into each other but are not admitting it,'" Prepon says. "It's fun to be the character that shakes things up and gets them both to realize [they] should do something about it. [She's] that objective observer who can lay it out for them and stir up the pot a little bit."

And do something about it they will. We can’t wait for that first kiss!

Source: TV Guide

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