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The Bachelor

Brad Womack: “Chances Are Damn Good” He’ll Be Married This Time Next Year

When you think about it, Brad Womack's self-esteem is so low at this point, of course he's not going to dump a fang-wearing vampire actress/model with a stage name. Of course he's going to give her a second chance. Of course he finds her fangs "sexy." (He is a True Blood fan, after all. Twilight, not so much.) Of course he gets slapped again by Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online during their long video interview. And of course he's fine with it.

The guy is a masochist and he probably needs help. Having said that, it sounds like things will end well for Brad at some point — presumably long after he dumps vampire chick Madison Garton.

"When I say I'm in love, I mean it with every bone in my body," Brad tells Kristin. "I am happier than I've been in 10, 15 years. Not a single [regret]. I'm very much in love."

Kristin asks Brad a good follow-up: "What are the chances a year from today that you will be married?" Now, Brad is not allowed to say if he's engaged. But it's a pretty safe bet to say he is because Brad goes ahead and answers her question with "Chances are damn good."

He says it's extremely difficult to be away from his chosen one, but when he does see her "it's a very covert operation." "And then when I'm not with her, she's watching all of the press, she's hearing things and all that good stuff," Brad says. "I didn't expect it. I didn't expect it to be this hard." (Uh, why not? This is Season 15 of The Bachelor and he already went through the media wringer in 2007.)

Brad also reviews his emotions from The Bachelor premiere. He says the first two hours of the first night at the mansion were probably the longest two hours of his life. In terms of reactions to the premiere, Brad has only heard from friends and they've been supportive, as they would be if they are real friends (and not the faux "friend" who basically called him a fame whore).

Brad admits he didn't come off as the most interesting guy back on Season 11. "I was watching myself thinking 'What are you doing? You seem like a robot. Answer these questions, be funny, be engaging!'" But now he is — all together now — "a changed man." (Please don't take a shot every time you hear that, it's not safe.)

Watch the videos for more from Brad, who really must be in PR hell right now since he's doing a thousand interviews a day to promote a season that seems to be bleeding viewers. Sorry, man! At least you found love!

Source: E! Online

01.5.2011 / 06:37 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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