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The Bachelor

Jesse Csincsak Attacks Chantal O’Brien in Bachelor Blog

Maybe we can call this karma. Brad Womack dumped DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelor Season 11 finale. She went on to The Bachelorette and chose Jesse Csincsak, then dumped him a few months later. It was not a pretty split. Now Jesse has some deal with RadarOnline where he tells them every single thing that happens to him. That deal appears to include Jesse penning an exclusive CAPS HEAVY blog about The Bachelor Season 15.

In the blog/rant, Jesse defends Brad for following his heart back in 2007. "Brad, from ME & all the guys in America: GOOD FOR YOU."

He also weighs in on several of Brad's ladies, taking special aim at Chantal O., who slaps Brad when she steps out of the limo:

"Who do you think you are? You don't hit people that's assault! Do you think people should treat you the way you treat them? I do! I am sure I could find someone who judged you on the show who wouldn't mind KNOCKING YOUR A** OUT! You watched Brad on his first season and because of what you saw on a TV SHOW, you judge him and haul off and hit him? IT'S A TV SHOW! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BREAST IMPLANTS CHANTEL ... Brad is actually a nice guy and because of your actions, you might screw up what you could have had with A REALLY NICE GUY! Yeah, so he pretended to be ok with getting hit, even complimenting you, but what was he supposed to do — he's on national television with 15 million people watching. He had to do the only honorable thing and TAKE IT LIKE A MAN ... if I were you, I would start treating people the way you want to be treated and in the mean time keep your hands to yourself! I don't really care what rich guy you're an assistant of!"

Not rad, man! And we're pretty sure it's Chantal with an "a." Jesse's attack is especially funny considering *SPOILER ALERT* Reality Steve's intel on how Brad's season ends.

Source: RadarOnline

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