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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Nervous to Film RHoBH Reunion Show

One of the best things about The Real Housewives franchises?

The reunion specials, obvi!

According to Andy Cohen’s Bravo Blog, the RHoBH are filming their reunion show today. Like as we speak. Which is awesome news for us, but maybe not so awesome for the housewives themselves.

But while the audiences (um, that’s us) wait impatiently to watch their fave reality stars show up to chat (read: scratch each other’s eyes out), the stars themselves aren’t always so excited to rehash the drama of their season with their co-stars.

Case-in-point: One follower of Kyle Richards asked her if she felt anxious about the filming, to which she replied “Yes!”

Yes, I have anxiety :/ RT @LBTNGRL: @KyleRichards18 Are you getting anxiety for the reunion? Best of luck XO

Adrienne Maloof tweeted a similar sentiment to Bravo Andy:

Let's just hope we won't need the timeout chairs! :-) See you soon!

Maybe we’re bad for saying this, but we kinda hope you do.

Or if not timeout chairs, maybe just a few extra spaces for Alison DuBois and Faye Resnick? That would make things real interesting.

Source: Twitter, Examiner