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The Bachelor

Brad Womack Fell Early — and Hard — for the Woman He Picks

At this point Brad Womack has said the same things so many times it's barely worth it to listen to him anymore. But if you watch this video of the Season 15 Bachelor talking to Extra's Mario Lopez you can still learn a few cool things. So go ahead and...

1. Get distracted by the over-enthusiastic fountain in the background.

2. Watch the women in The Grove give Brad the eye.

3. Check out Brad yourself, 'cause homeboy looks dang good in that leather jacket and scarf. The guy's hot, no matter how you slice it. It's hard to stand out next to Mario — no slouch himself — but Brad has game.

4. Listen for just a second to Brad gush over how Chantal O'Brien stood out to him right away. "She made herself stand out!" He applauds her right hook. (Don't talk about it too much, Brad — we've already dealt with a Bachelor couple with domestic violence issues. Hi Byron and Mary!) He also defends her slap as "all in good fun."

5. Listen for one more second when Brad says this of falling in love with the woman he chooses: "I've always said that when you know, you know, and I knew very early on." Once he falls, he falls very hard — and he says it happened his second time on The Bachelor. But even though he felt very strongly for this woman early on, he still tried to give the other ladies a fair chance. He ended up going with his initial instincts, and he's happy with his decision. Keep this in mind as you watch the show!

Source: Extra

01.6.2011 / 12:53 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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