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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Canadian Promo Reveals Creepy Clues

Waiting five months during the Pretty Little Liars hiatus was hard, but just waiting five days until the next episode seems brutal, especially when there are so many sneak peaks that keep us in suspense. We know that the next episode (Season 1, Episode 12) is titled “Salt Meets Wound,” but thanks to PLL’s international popularity, we have even more clues about what’s to come.

MuchMusic, Canada's music and pop culture channel, released a preview that has us even more curious. Apparently “A” informs Hanna about her mom’s felony or at least clues her in that something strange is going on. In typical “A” fashion, the message is cruel: “Like mommy like daughter. Can you run from the law on those legs?” Obviously Hanna can’t run and we hope neither Marin has to.

But Hanna isn't the only one dealing with parental struggles. Coming out about her sexuality was difficult for Emily, but it's about to get a lot tougher. We know Emily will invite Maya over for dinner, but when her mom catches the girls kissing, things are bound to get awkward in the Fields family.

What about Aria's drama? Noel is determined to destroy Ezra, or at least make his life miserable. But what does Noel get out of it besides evil satisfaction? Apparently a guaranteed "A" in Mr. Fitz’ English class. Did you really think he'd let Aria and Ezra get off that easy?

But we’re most interested in knowing what happened between Lucas and Alison. He seems to genuinely hate her. We’re guessing she tormented him because well, who didn’t she tease? But do you think Lucas would do something as drastic as kill her? He seems so sweet, but don’t be fooled. Even nice guys have a temper.


01.6.2011 / 10:52 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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