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Ron Mustafaa and Eleanor Zichy Join Twitter!

Hey Skins US fans, are you a slave to the show's Twitter yet? If not, you should be! It's vital that we get minute-by-minute updates on our favorite Skins US cast members, right? Not in a weird way… just because, you know, television is our life and all.

Just in time for the upcoming Skins US premiere, both Ron Mustafaa (Abbud) and Eleanor Zichy (Eura) have joined the Twitter party. The Skins cast has been trading tweets all day, so if you’re hankering for some Skins adorable-ness, read on.

Here are some of the recent Tweets between the Skins BFFs:

@BritneOldford wrote on 1/5/2010 – “hahaha @Ron_Mustafaa ROOOOOOON MUSTAFAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

@camillecm wrote on 1/5/2010 - @Ron_Mustafaa YES RON! If you want the funniest tweets you'll ever get ever follow @ron_mustafaa :) #EveryoneFollowRon”

@ron_mustafaa wrote on 1/5/2010 – “@jamesmilonewman order me a aphrodisiac bre..i need some dead people.”

@camillecm wrote on 1/5/2010 - “The only reason I got twitter was for the possibility you might tweet one day, @Ron_Mustafaa. Thanks for finally making my dream come true!”

@ron_mustafaa wrote on 1/5/2010 - “@camillecm @BritneOldford thanks for the luv..i feel loved. next up Jesse Carere”

@sblackdelia wrote on 1/5/2010 – “@Ron_Mustafaa Oh my goodness, Ron is on Twiter.”

@ron_mustafaa wrote on 1/5/2010 – “@sblackdelia ...hey te'!”

@elliezichy wrote on 1/5/2010 – “@ron_mustafaa can't wait to read your tweets every single day!”

Follow the rest of the Skins cast here! If you haven't already, mosey on over to our Twitter page and follow us for the latest Skins gossip and spoilers!

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01.6.2011 / 06:14 AM EDT by Nathan Pensky
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