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Top 5 Nerdy Nathan Moments From Season 3, Episode 11: “Nikki Heat”

Part of what we loved most about last night’s episode was that Castle was finally relegated to mere writer. Once a “real” celebrity showed up, he was quickly bumped to the lowest position on the fame food chain, reminded that he’s just a big fish in the small pond of the NYPD headquarters. Of course, this only made him more endearing — our fave nerd never fails us! Here are his best moments.

5. Castle weeps at the thought of a screenwriter trumping a novelist.

Our murder-mystery writer, bless his heart, got into this game for all the right reasons. The pen is mightier than the sword! Books can heal wounds! Save nations! So it was all the more troubling for His Nerdiness when Natalie Rhodes (the actress hired to play the film version of his creation, Nikki Heat) nonchalantly confessed to never having read his novel, though she was wowed by the screenplay adaptation. “You took the part of Nikki Heat without even reading the book?” he asked as his soul quietly died. The thing you have to love about Castle? You know he’d feel the same way even if it wasn’t his book.

4. Castle can’t allow Beckett to have the best lines.

As Natalie followed Beckett around jotting down her every word (and this was before things got weird), Castle kept trying to top whatever his partner said. On cops: “Yeah, being a cop, it’s kind of like being a prospector. Gotta sift through a lot of rock before you find any gold.” On a key found under the victim’s ceiling tile: “Maybe it’s the key to unlocking the mystery of Stacy’s murder.” Much to his dismay, Natalie actually preferred Beckett’s commentary. How could that be? After all, he created Beckett, right?

3. Castle re-watches bad audition tapes to find glimmers of genius.

When it seemed like Natalie Rhodes might be the Brando of her generation, Castle revisited her work in his den, turning over in his mind the performances she gave in hits like Mutilation High, Demon Patrol and Hell’s Crawlspace. Maybe they mean nothing. Or maybe they mean everything.

2. Castle wouldn’t ask a woman to marry him unless it was half-time.

Adorable Ryan decided to propose to Adorable Jenny to presumably settle in Adorable Village, NY. He showed Castle the ring on the way to the crime scene. (Sidebar: Why are TV and movie boyfriends always carrying the ring around with them? Seems like a hassle.) The writer immediately suggested proposal options right out of a book or a bad movie (hmm)—hot air balloon, skywriter, JumboTron — before setting on a helicopter ride, an excursion so noisy, it requires the use of headsets to hear what’s happening. But for an nerdy old romantic like Castle? Totally epic.

1. Castle’s reason for not sleeping with Natalie includes a literary prefix.

Not to make a sweeping generalization, but by a show of Internet hands, how many other guys would turn down a famous actress because it “was just too meta”?

01.6.2011 / 06:05 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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