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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bones’ TJ Thyne

That curly hair, those gorgeous blue eyes — sigh. TJ Thyne just does it for us. Want to learn more about the cutie who's won our hearts as Jack Hodgins on Bones? Read on for 10 things you might not know.

10. TJ started his acting career in 1998 — with a bang. Back in 1998, TJ had roles on The Wayans Brothers, Party of Five, and Home Improvement. He also played Dr. Oberman on Friends, in an episode in which Phoebe (who is just about to deliver triplets) jokes about his youthful face. At one point she even calls him "Doogie."

9. TJ's into the raw food movement. On his website, he writes, "My latest craze is RAW. Yup. I did the raw thing for about 2 months a few years back, and seem to be finding it intriguing again. Something about all that natural flavor hitting your palate all at the same time! Found myself eating lots of Raw recently and wiping out my dehumidifier and blender again. :-) In the end, I feel like I could fly if/when I eat well. Clean, healthy foods. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't indulge in pizza and a burger now and again." Good to know he's willing to indulge from time to time!

8. TJ stands for Thomas Joseph. Just in case you were curious.

7. He considers his two brothers and three sisters his best friends, and he's also got 10 nieces and nephews. Something tells us holiday get-togethers at the Thyne house are a blast.

6. He's made several popular commercials. TJ has appeared in 50 TV spots and dozens of commercials, including a popular Coke commercial, a hilarious ad, and a fun Chevy spot. Watch all three!

5. TJ grew up all over the country. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, TJ headed down south for high school Plano, Texas. He then moved to L.A. to attend the University of Southern California's theatre program. California must have made an impact on him, because he's stayed there ever since!

4. One of his more high-profile early roles was in Erin Brockovich. TJ played David Foil, a lawyer who went against Julia Roberts and Albert Finney's characters in the 2000 hit film.

3. TJ occasionally teaches spinning classes. The Bones star is into all things physical, like swimming, running, and spinning. He would love to do more than just substitute teach spin classes, but for now his work on Bones keeps him pretty busy.

2. He founded Theatre Junkies Productions in 2002. The group creates short films and theater productions around the L.A. area. Their latest short film, Validation, stars TJ and is "a fable about the magic of free parking."

1. TJ loves Top Chef and has an affinity for making a great meal.

He recently responded to a question on his website about his he prepares for a role: "The same way a chef prepares for a meal. Figure out what the reason behind the meal is.
Then, know who the guests are, then, research the freshest and the best proteins, veggies, fruits, etc. Then go over it all again and again. Then practise the sauce, taste it, make sure it works. Then start to cook. The right heat, the right spice, a dab here, a dash there, and a pinch here. Then, try it, try it again. Finally, plate it: dress it, and alas, present it and hope they have an appetite. :-)"


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