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Castle Writer David Grae Talks Nikki Heat

Truth: Behind every good TV show is a team of good writers.

Sure, drool-worthy actors keep us entertained, but who do you think comes up with all those snappy one-liners for Castle and Beckett? (Not that we don’t think Nathan and Stana could come up with some witty material on their own, but why mess with a good thing?)

And — dare we say — Castles writing is better then good. Now in its third season, the show is regularly applauded for its intelligent writing. But who are these geniuses putting the words in our favorite stars mouths? Thanks to an interview with Gotham Writing Workshop teacher and Castle writer David Grae, we can put a name to a, well, script (and then hopefully find an address where we can send our love letters).

Just to fill you in on his awesomeness, Grae is the brains (and by brains we mean writer) behind Castle’s newest eppy, “Nikki Heat” — a Castle classic in our books. But how does he keep his writing — and the show — so fresh? Grae says classic writing, education, and teaching script writing to newbies has helped him hone his craft. “Television shows are highly structured, and the writing needs to be very efficient,” Grae explains. ”Years of teaching at Gotham reinforced these principles to the point where they are second nature to me. It makes ‘breaking’ stories and writing drafts that much easier.”

But, like any writer will tell you, you can’t learn it all sitting at a blank computer screen or lapping up words from a prof, hoping you’ll have a stroke of genius. Mingling with people in the field (of police work, that is) is essential. It’s what gives Grae a glimpse into the world of real life Castles and Becketts, something he needs to form realistic (and funny) characters. “...The show comes to life when the characters get excited about the case,” he says. “And, hopefully, that's when the comedy happens.”

And Grae assures us the characters are what make Castle. “Castle isn't your typical procedural cop show. The banter and character quirks are just as important to us as the murder mystery in every episode,” he explains.

We know, Grae. Oh do we know.

Source: Gotham Gram

01.7.2011 / 07:32 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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