Natalie Getz and David Good Slept in Brad Womack’s Bed
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The Bachelor

Natalie Getz and David Good Slept in Brad Womack’s Bed

How incestuous is The Bachelor universe? In Natalie Getz's first blog on The Bachelor Season 15, she writes, "David Good and I spent the night in that very same bed on our fantasy date during Bachelor Pad that Brad will now be sleeping in. Hahahahahaha! Can I say I have shared a bed with the infamous Brad Womack?"

Hey, that's the "changed man" Brad Womack to you, missy! (Take a moment to pity whoever has to clean the linens in the Bachelor mansions.)

Natalie, a fashion stylist who won Bachelor Pad with Dave, also name-drops her BP crush Jesse Beck (we miss him, too!) and really goes to town on the fashion choices made by Brad's ladies.

For example:

"Meghan considers herself a fashionista....when? On opposite day? Those pink shoes scared the be-Jesus out of me. (Side note: High heels disguised as a flat, never a good idea). I love the girl from Kansas. :) She rocked those Dorothy shoes! She pulled them off in a humorous way referencing their relevance to Kansas while still matching them up to her dress to make them pop. Super cute. She used a statement piece to show off a bit of her personality through her style."

Natalie applauds first impression rose winner Ashley Spivey for squeezing Brad's butt. "Enough said, she is my new best friend." Nat also joins the ever-growing list of Emily fans: "This is a woman who understands herself and could be a potential strong backbone for the ever so fragile-in-love Bachelor."

And you have to love Nat's self-deprecating take on "Butt Girl" Alli, which references her own painfully awkward date with Jason Mesnick back on The Bachelor Season 13: "Really? Come on! You seriously stood up and stuck your posterior in Brad's face asking if he could handle that jazz? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Start re-thinking your approach to a good conversation. Not that I can say much, I LOVE BEARS! Ugh- it will get the best of us......NEXT!"

Read the full blog here.

Source: Bachelor Insider

01.7.2011 / 08:36 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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