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Top 3 Beckett and Castle Moments From Season 3, Episode 11: “Nikki Heat”

The Beckett and Castle moments were double the fun this week since there was, you know... a double! Check out the three best scenes between the novelist and the detective(s).

3. It says something when an accidental proposal doesn’t top the list.

During a disagreement with Beckett about how Ryan should propose to his girlfriend, Castle inevitably took the ring, turned to his partner and said, “Will you marry me?” Just to prove how totally boring it is not to dance around important topics. Beckett made her Beckett face, but somewhere behind that stony expression is a lost soul who’s seen more than her fair share of Say Yes to the Dress episodes.

2. Beckett had the rare experience of watching her clone make out with her crush.

In order to effectively convey the relationship between Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook on the big screen, Natalie Rhodes felt like she needed greater insight into Heat Wave, a novel inspired by the real-life relationship between Castle and Beckett, which is not real-life relationship at all, but just the heart of an ABC television show on which the novel is actually based. Anyway, for some reason Natalie couldn’t wait for the elevator doors to completely close before kissing the novelist and Beckett saw Natalie/Nikki Heat/herself plant one on Jameson Rook/Castle. Like looking into a crystal ball... a very smudgy crystal ball.

1. “Why didn’t you sleep with me? Her me, not me me.”

Yeah, about that. While watching from a distance as Natalie did her best Beckett impression, Castle reassured the creeped out detective that all of her gestures were totes adorable. Beckett could have said, “Wow, Castle. My innocuous movements in front of the Clues Board not only inspired you to write a book, but now that very book is being made into a film. You really do think I’m totes adorable.” Instead, she got annoyed Castle didn’t have sex with her weird twin. And around we go again.

01.7.2011 / 12:10 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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