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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Returns With a Shooting and Wedding

Where does "reliving" fall in the five stages of grief? Because the docs at Seattle Grace Mercy West got a bad case of deja vu in this week's Grey's Anatomy episode when a student went on a shooting spree at a nearby college. The tragedy dredges up all kinds of bad memories for our surgeon friends, but they had to bury any damage they had going on — there were lives to be saved and they had to be, in the words of the Chief, "damn doctors."

Marital squabbling: Derek and Meredith spent the episode sniping as each other. Ah, lover's quarrels — not really entertaining, just kinda annoying. First, they argued about the efficacy of Derek's fishing trip with Cristina. Derek thought it did a world of good; Mer was unconvinced. Then, when they had to cut a a shooting victim''s skull away to let it swell, Mer was concerned about the man's wife, since she's now familiar with the anguish of having your husband on the operating table. But Derek finally concedes that Meredith was right on that count, and Mer is surprised to see Cristina back in the OR, so obviously Der was right on that count.

The (repentant) state of Arizona: Arizona spent the whole episode trying to apologize to Callie and pick up where they left off before that fateful trip to the airport. But Callie was having none of it. She had to endure a lot of Arizona's whimpering, though, when the Chief restored Arizona's hospital privileges (much to Stark's dismay). And she'll have to endure a lot more because the Chief ended up rehiring Arizona, albeit in a position under Stark.

Yang in the house: Yang thought she'd go explore Seattle that morning, but she ended up chasing the ambulances to the campus and cracking open the chest of a kid named Jared. With her hand in his heart and all, she pretty much had no choice but to ride his stretcher straight into OR 1. But she handled it like a champ, and she and Teddy saved the guys life. Oh, and that guy turned out to be the shooter, but Teddy was vehement about saving his life regardless.

Another Grey's wedding: But this one was the least romantic of them all. (Okay, maybe it was more romantic than Cristina/Burke's.) Teddy and Henry exchanged vows in a rushed, informal ceremony, with Owen as a reluctant witness. Teddy then had to run off to go save lives, but she met up with Henry for some post-wedding drinks at Joe's bar that night, and Henry took the chance to express his sincere gratitude. Did we see more than a couple sparks between the two there?

Lexie in love: Despite the stress of the day — and despite Lexie looking like she was on the verge of a breakdown the whole time — she and Mark both performed admirably that day. And when she found him staying late to ward off scars on a young girl's wounds, she was smitten. "I love you," she said. She sure jumped back on his wagon quickly.

A sweet end: In one of the most tear-inducing scenes, what looked like the whole Pacific College community congregated outside the atrium of Seattle Grace Mercy West for a candelight vigil, at which they sang the school's alma mater. And perhaps because of that positive juju, the doctors saved every single victim. 26 victims, 26 patients, and not a single fatality. Talk about a job well done — and a return to form for the hospital. (How's that for prestige, Chief?) The doctors watched from the gallery as Teddy and Cristina polished off the surgery on the last patient, and they all cried and laughed their emotions away. Cristina and Meredith walked to get drinks with arms linked, and it feels like everything's gonna be alright.


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