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Pretty Little Liars

Rosewood’s Most Wanted: 18 Crimes Committed by the Pretty Little Liars

The title Pretty Little Liars doesn’t even begin to account for all the mischief that goes on in Rosewood. Pretty Little Criminals is more like it. Between the four girls, their peers, and “A,” Rosewood could easily be the most dangerous place to live. No wonder why Officer Wilden is always around, he has a lot to look out for. We’ve made a list of all the offenses that have taken place (18 so far) and at the rate things are going, there’s bound to be a whole lot more.

Underage drinking: Does Noel Kahn’s party ring a bell? Tons of high school students (all of whom are under 21) were drinking on his property. And that wasn’t the only incident. Aria met Ezra in a bar, where she was presumably having a beer, and she and her BFFs had drinks during their seventh grade sleepover. Clearly they start young in Rosewood.

Drug possession: Think back to the very first episode when Emily and Maya met. Maya had a stash of weed in her room and offered some to Emily.

Statutory rape: Aria and Ezra don’t need to be having sex for their relationship to be considered a crime. She’s below the age of consent and he’s obviously over 18, so their romance (even if it’s true love) is illegal.


Attempted rape: Remember Emily’s aggressive boyfriend Ben? He wouldn’t take his hands off of her even when she demanded him to stop. Luckily, Toby came to the rescue to prevent Ben from going any further, but Ben is still guilty.

Arson: The little liars never got caught for setting fire to Toby’s tree house, at least not yet, but they'd be accused of arson because they intentionally set off a smoke bomb in hopes of scaring someone.

Grand theft auto: This one is more common than you’d think. Not only did Hanna steal Sean’s car, but “A” stole someone else’ car to hit Hanna. We’d say it’s karma, but Hanna definitely didn’t deserve it.

Kidnapping: Someone was with Alison the night of the sleepover and that’s what we’re uncovering this season. Toby saw Alison get into Ian’s car and she was till wearing the sweater he gave her. Does this mean Ian kidnapped Ali or is their another kidnapper on the loose?

Robbery: Like mother like daughter for the Marins. Hanna stole from the Rosewood Mall, while her mother took money from an old woman’s safe deposit box. Mrs. Marin hasn’t gotten caught, but it’s only a matter of time until someone (probably “A”) finds out.

Breaking and entering/ trespassing: “A” is the main offender here since she or he went into Spencer’s house and left a lipstick message on the mirror. But Hanna is also guilty of this crime because she snuck into a therapist’s files and took Jenna Marshall's folder.

Destruction of property: The girls constructed a memorial for Alison in a nearby park, but it didn’t last long. Someone who hated Alison smashed it during the middle of the night.

Hit and run: “A” purposely collided into Hanna in the parking lot and then quickly drove off to avoid being seen. You'd think they’d search for fingerprints, but apparently not.

DUI: Hanna was never breathalized the night of Noel’s party, but she did drink and drive...and then crash. Her accident had more to do with her emotions than her alcohol consumption, but it's still a serious offense. Nobody seemed to care about the intoxicated part and Hanna got off easy by working off the damages at Sean’s mom’s dentist office.

Cutting down trees illegally: It's not as bad as murder, but it’s still a crime. The tree that had "Alison + Ian" scrawled on it was public property, not on someone’s lawn (which would be considered trespassing anyway), so “A” could get in serious trouble for this.

Abetting: Although Alison was the one to set fire to Toby’s tree house, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria were there with her. Approving of her actions or at least watching her makes them an accessory in her crime.

Hate crime: This refers to criminal acts that are motivated by bias against an individual or individuals. If anyone is guilty of this, it’s “A.” She or he is out to get the four girls because they were best friends with Alison.

Withholding information/obstruction of justice: As the police and FBI are busy investigating Alison’s murder, the little liars know more than they let on. They’re not only hiding “the Jenna thing,” but they’ve been keeping all the messages from Alison’s suspected murderer a secret.


Stalking: This is without a doubt the most common crime in Rosewood. “A” stalks the girls every second of every episode, which is why they are so paranoid. She or he knows everything about them and sends creepy messages indicating that they aren’t safe. If the little liars were smart, they’d file for a restraining order, but that would mean exposing all of their secrets, which might be worse.

Murder: Duh, someone killed Alison and that’s what we’re trying to figure out during this whole Pretty Little Liars thing. If she wasn’t murdered, we wouldn’t have a show (or a reason to live for every week).

What crime do you think will be committed next? It’s PLL we’re talking about, so anything is possible.

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