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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 10 Quotes from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 1, Episode 11

The only tough thing about choosing the ten craziest, most inane quotes from any given episode is narrowing it down to only ten! Here are our picks for the best quotes from this week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, entitled “How to Behave.”

10. Does Camille really strike anyone as an avid reader?

Lisa: The book was called How to Behave, but I think Camille should read it first.

9. Ken might need to get out more

Ken (to Kyle): You didn’t say hi to Giggy!

8. Kim’s love life is desperate indeed!

Lisa (about Kim): Playing the role of matchmaker is not something I like to do at all. However, it seemed like a... desperate situation.

7. Lisa offers up Cedric’s services

Ken: Will you suck that thorn out?
Lisa: Ask Cedric to do it.

6. Camille often makes us laugh, but not intentionally

Kyle (about Camille’s gift): I don’t know if she’s just she trying to get under my skin, or that’s her attempt at a sense humor — which I have not seen — but clearly she has not read this book.

5. Cedric gets all hot and bothered

Cedric (as Taylor takes a big bite of his burger): Look at that — wow! Lucky Russell!

4. Lisa is such a romantic sometimes

Lisa (about Pandora and Jason’s delayed engagement): I think they should either... [she pauses for effect]... or get off!

3. Lisa sets some boundaries

Lisa (to Cedric): Can we at least wait until dessert before we talk about your private parts?

2. Camille is as well-mannered as always

Camille (about Kyle, at the pool): I mean, I wanted to push her in.

1. If Kyle has to remove anyone’s lips, we’d vote for Taylor’s...

Kyle: I can tell you that if Camille were to kiss my husband on the lips, she wouldn’t have any lips left.

01.8.2011 / 12:06 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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