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Pretty Little Liars

8 Reasons Why Noel Kahn Could Be “A”

At last, the little liars have figured out who "A" is! Well, a likely suspect at least. They’re convinced that Noel is the one stalking them, telling all their secrets, and stealing thousands of dollars from the Marin’s house and not just because he’s been smiling at them in a creepy way. It’s evident from Season 1, Episode 12 “Salt Meets Wound," that Noel is up to no good, but we still aren’t sure if he's actually “A.” Lots of clues point towards him, so we’ve rounded up the main reasons to let you decide.

8. Noel goes to school with the little liars and is always close by. He can easily spot them in the hall and see when they’re worried, so he’d know when to send mean text messages. He can put notes in their lockers and listen to them whisper, so stalking them would be fairly simple.

7. He’s well connected to the little liars since he’s best friends with Sean and teammates with Mike Montgomery (Aria's little bro). He probably hears a lot about Hanna from Sean and he knows what’s going on in the Montgomery family from both Mike and Aria. He already knows a lot about two of the four girls’ lives, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find out the rest.

6. Remember how someone stole the picture of Emily and Maya kissing in the photo booth? Well, that picture was taken at Noel’s party. He was obviously there, so he could have taken it when they weren’t looking and sent it to Mrs. Fields.

5. Hanna spotted him creeping around the woods during Mona’s party and he even admitted to writing on the back of Ezra’s car! Hiding in the woods in a hooded sweatshirt makes him seem pretty suspicious, but the fact that he wrote a threatening message and took a picture makes him seem even more like “A.”

4. When he saw Aria at the hospital, he lied to her about being in the woods. He said he was hanging out with Sean (which was true), but he was pretty good at keeping a straight face and not letting her know how much he knew. We know he’s stealth, which makes us suspicious that he’s “A.”

3. He might seem sweet, but he has a manipulative side that no one really knows about. All of a sudden he started blackmailing Ezra into giving him an automatic "A" and threatening to tell the principal if Ezra didn't obey. Meanwhile, he told Aria that he never blackmailed him and Ezra isn’t who she really thinks he is. “A” is certainly conniving and Noel is capable of this too.

2. We saw a flashback where Alison and her friends caused Noel’s middle school girlfriend to break up with him and he seemed pretty mad. He definitely has motivation to get back at them, but we don’t know if he’d go this far just over a girl.

1. If you watched the most recent episode very closely, you would have seen Noel go into the cabinet where the lasagna box was hidden! Hanna immediately yelled for him to not poke around there, but an open pasta box isn’t the most secure place for thousands of dollars. Maybe he saw the money when he was looking around and stole it later when Hanna was outside.

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01.11.2011 / 08:09 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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