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Exclusive Interview! Ron Mustafaa Gets Personal and Reveals His Sexytime Soundtrack

We've finally reached the third and final portion of our epic interview with Ron Mustafaa! In the upcoming U.S. adaption of the hit British teen drama Skins, Ron plays Abbud, a teenager torn between uber-religious parents and the need to party. After asking Ron all the serious questions about his acting start and Skins experience, we're finally getting to the important stuff. That's right, we asked the question you all were really wondering about: Is Ron Mustafaa single? Read on for Ron's relationship status and romantic advice.

Wetpaint: Do you guys have Tiger Beat up in Canada?
Ron Mustafa: Tiger Beat? No, I’ve never heard of it.
WP: You’ve been seriously deprived. Tiger Beat and its ilk are teenybopper magazines. They interview acts like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus and they ask really frothy, silly questions. We thought it’d be fun to run some Tiger Beat-style questions by you.
RM: Laughs. Okay.

WP: Favorite color and why?
RM: Navy because it’s the only color that I can pull off — the only color that looks good on me. Everything else looks blah.

WP: Favorite band
RM: Red Hot Chili Peppers.

WP: Favorite song for getting in the mood
RM: What kind of mood?
WP: Sexytime mood.
RM: I would probably say Kanye. Have you heard his new album?
WP: Definitely!
RM: How sick is that?
WP: It’s pretty sick.
RM: I guess I’d say like “Dark Fantasy” or “Hell of a Life.” For now. And Santigold. “Superman” is a great song.

WP: So what about the song for when you’re not a lover but a fighter.
RM: I’d say Eminem. “The Way I Am.” Classic Marshall Mathers LP.

WP: Favorite sport.
RM: Soccer and basketball.

WP: Favorite book.
RM: I would probably have to say, I’m not really a reader. I like to Wikipedia.

WP: We shouldn’t put that in if you’re still in school.
RM: Yeah, I’m going to fail all my courses right after that comment. I guess my favorite book would have to be Life of Pi.

WP: Favorite movie
RM: Of all time? Raging Bull. Robert De Niro is amazing. This year’s new movie would be The Social Network. Jessie Eisenberg is amazing — I look up to that guy so much.

WP: Biggest irrational fear.
RM: It used to be heights but through Skins, we did a scene and I got over the heights thing. So I guess I would have to say drowning.
WP: Being afraid of drowning sounds pretty reasonable actually.

WP: So okay, if you like someone in a romantic sense, what is the best way to let them know?
RM: Taking them out for a nice dinner.
WP: Classic choice.
RM: Having a candlelight dinner and telling her how you feel about her — being honest and not beating around the bush forever. Just telling her that you really like her and her company and would like to take it to the next level.

WP: The last question is the teenybopperest question of all, but fans might disown us if we didn’t ask. Are you single?
RM: I am single.
WP: Are you looking? Shall we put that out there for you?
RM: If I meet the right girl, sure, I’m looking then.
WP: Awesome. Thanks Ron!

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