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Fashion Roundup: Castle Costume Designer Live Tweets “Poof, You’re Dead!”

For the second week in a row, Castle costume designer Luke Reichle was live tweeting during the newest eppy, “Poof! You’re Dead.” We sure hope this is going to become a weekly thing. (It is one of our New Year’s resolutions to steal Beckett’s super profesh wardrobe, after all).

If you missed it, we compiled his fashionable insights into this handy little guide to “magical” fashion from pre-ep to post-ep.

(Fair warning: It might be hard to follow his tweets without the ep playing simultaneously. So if you didn’t catch it last night — or just want to peep it again — head on over to where the the new ep is already streaming.)


Tonight on Castle--Speaking of sexy---but don't worry. We left his arms on.

Lanie looking good in blue. Dressing for her man.

This episode brought me back to Lord of Illusions. The Clive Barker movie I designed about a hundred years ago.

Charles Russell street magician--JP Gaultier by way of Goodwill.

Beckett's scarf is way subtle Burberry plaid.

How about those studs?! I'm talking about the pants.

Lanie Parish-Girl Medical Examiner: finally gets to feature her spectacular assets.

@Yanissa_ Yes. we repeat clothes quite often. Several Goodwill's down here.

Love the details on Beckett's tan Theory jacket.

Love seeing Esposito trying to tapdance his way out of the morgue—in paratrooper boots.

Martha glows in red and gold Escada.

Beckett's all slouchy and fabulous in charcoal wool Banana Republic V-neck.

And one more about the studs (again — just the pants!): Gille's jeans were decorated with over 200 silver studs. It didn't look quite right so I went back in with a Sharpie and added a pattern.

FYI, there were some other random tweets in there, too (non-fashion related, but still totes funny). If you want to read Luke’s tweets in their entirety, go ahead and check out his Twitter for more fabu-Castle-ness.

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01.11.2011 / 10:49 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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