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Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Plastic Surgery Report

When asked which Housewife has had the most work done, Teresa, Dina, Caroline, and Jacqueline all point their manicured fingers at Danielle. Ouch! Remember, ladies, don't throw stones in glass houses! Here's a quick rundown of who's had what and where:

Teresa Giudice, 37 - Pumped her breasts up two full cup sizes from a diminutive 34A to a C cup (even though we thought she signed off on a full B cup). It seems like she didn't quite listen to sister-in-law Dina's advice, "I'm tellin' you right now, Teresa. Don't go too big, 'cause they're annoying!" What’s Teresa's opinion on the whole thing? "I've got the booty, but I think you need the breasts to finish off the whole package." Teresa's surgeon of choice is Dr. Robert Zubowski, who saw an increase in plastic surgery procedures after appearing on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Jacqueline Laurita, 39 - Also had her breasts done (silicone) and treats herself to Botox. The California Surgical Institute notes she might have also had lip augmentation.

Caroline Manzo, 48 – Caroline claims she hasn't had any work. Dina thinks otherwise though, "She's like a G [cup]!" Caroline's response to her little sister accusations? "Dina likes to say that my breasts are implants. For the record, they are not. God gave them to me."

Danielle Staub, 47 - Had her breasts done (twice), as well as lip injections and regular Botox treatments. She denies having had any plastic surgery on her face, though it does look as if she might've had something lifted or reshaped. The California Surgical Institute assesses Danielle's had "lip enlargement, possible eyelid lift, cheek implants, and removal of a cleft chin." Danielle’s needle man is Dr. Manolis Manolakakis. He once visited Danielle at her house (Episode 1.3) and offered complimentary Botox and collagen injections to the Jacqueline, Danielle, and Teresa.

Dina Manzo, 37 - Had her breasts done. She did saline, then switched to silicone. Though Danielle has been accused of having her lips plumped, she vehemently denies it in her Bravo blog, "By the way, MY LIPS ARE 100% real. I have never gotten them injected, EVER. These things weren’t always in style...LOL. I was teased a lot as a young girl and to this day I am still self-conscious about them." And we know you're all wondering: Would Dina consider plastic surgery in the future? "Of course. I'm going to look like Joan Rivers when I'm older."

Source: Bravo and PEOPLE, December 2009

01.11.2011 / 07:15 AM EDT by Sandy Lucas
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