Wetpaint Exclusive Interview With Katheryn Winnick: Hannah Has Her Own Path
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Wetpaint Exclusive Interview With Katheryn Winnick: Hannah Has Her Own Path

WP: So now we're going to do something a little fun, knowing about the actors with whom you've worked in the past. A lightning round if you will. We want to know the first word that comes to mind when we say the following names.
Kat: Hah! Bring it!

WP: Hugh Grant.
Kat: Charming!

WP: David Boreanaz.
Kat: Sexy!

WP: Paul Giamatti.
Kat: Soulful.

WP: Matthew McConaughey.
Kat: Hot. [We giggle like school girls.] Seriously, the man is smokin'.

WP: Ashton Kutcher.
Kat: Hot. Sorry, I know I just said that! Ooh, but also Ashton's a really smart businessman.

WP: Jake Gyllenhaal.
Kat: Sincere.

WP: Hugh Laurie.
Kat: Deep.

WP: Keanu Reeves.
Kat: Canadian. I'm a proud Canadian myself, so I always remember that about Keanu!

WP: Oprah Winfrey.
Kat: The Queen. THE best business person. An inspiration!

WP: Angelina Jolie.
Kat: Impactful. She just has an incredibly powerful impact on people.

WP: How is it to have joined a cast that's six seasons in? What's the dynamic like?
Kat: I got very lucky. When I first came in, everyone was very welcoming and warm and friendly. I've had a great time on set. David, Emily, and everybody including the producers made me feel like one of the team right from the start. I've established some great friendships and hope to continue developing them. I just feel really lucky; I couldn't have asked for a better group of people.

Wetpaint Exclusive Interview With Katheryn Winnick: Hannah Has Her Own Path
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    
WP: So, if you took yourself out of the role, would you rather have Booth and Bones hook up? Or do you think Hannah is better for Booth?
Kat: Hmmm... Wow, that's a really good question! I think folks will be surprised watching the show. There's definitely more to Hannah than it first might seem. She has her own goals, her own aspirations, and a real drive. Not everything for her is about her relationship with Booth. Also, I feel like she also really respects Brennan and Booth's relationship. She's secure in herself and doesn't want to come between them. Ultimately, she respects their working relationship, and in a way even their unique chemistry. She's really not looking to stir things up too much.

WP: It sounds like Hannah will become more integral in the show. We were joking earlier: Hannah seems so nice. What's she hiding?
Kat: Exactly! To be honest, I'm not sure where Hannah is going to end up. When I originally signed on to do the show, it was only supposed to be for a handful of episodes. I've already been on a lot more than I expected. Regardless of where it ends up, it's been really nice for me to see that she has her own path, and that she's not just on the show to stand between the Booth and Brennan. I guess Hannah's presence has led to a lot of people talking about Booth and Brennan; y'know, like why aren't the two of them together already? It all makes for good drama, that's for sure!

WP: Do you have any spoiler-y deets or a teaser you can give us about upcoming episodes?
Kat: I think people are going to see something they didn't expect. There's been so much interest in the show; I've been blown away by the amazing fan base. I know Bones and Emily just got nominated for PCAs. It's just been amazing for me to see everyone so involved, and to fall in love with all the characters. Hart is an incredible creator. I feel very lucky to have had this chance to work with him. Oh, and he's Canadian as well!

Stay tuned for more exclusives with Kat soon!

Sure, it’s easy to villainize Hannah on Bones. She’s totally delaying our long-desired Booth and Brennan romance, right? Well, we recently took some time to sit down with Katheryn Winnick — the gorgeous Canadian actress who brings Hannah to life — to see what makes her tick. And you know what? We left the interview in love with her! Read on for more on Kat as well as some scoopalicious deets on Hannah.

Wetpaint Exclusive Interview With Katheryn Winnick: Hannah Has Her Own Path
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    
Wetpaint: Do you have any New Year's Resolutions you'd be willing to share with us?
Katheryn Winnick: I'm actually in the middle of making my list right now... Still trying to get really specific about how I'm going to achieve my goals this year, so I'll have to get back to you on this one!

WP: Sounds good. So.. How old were you when you first decided you wanted to become an actor?
Kat: Hmmm... I want to say I was around six or seven. My family always used to host a big party at our house for Ukrainian Christmas, and we'd have all our friends and family over... literally around 100 or so folks each year. At some point during the party, I'd basically force everyone to head downstairs and watch me perform a play or some sort of dance routine. And then I'd charge them admission for it! Even back then, I knew I wanted to entertain in some form or another.

WP: What's the most favorite role you've ever played and why do you think that is?
Kat: I love playing characters who are strong yet vulnerable... damaged in some ways. One time I landed a fantastic guest role on House, for example, where I played a rape victim who goes head-to-head with Hugh Laurie... really challenging him when it comes to his morals and views. Then later you later find out that I'm pregnant... Characters like that, who have different layers and strengths, but also an underlying vulnerability which makes them really human and relatable. Those are the sorts of roles that I always try and go after... the ones I really want my career to be based on.

WP: You're constantly challenging yourself, and you learn a little bit more about yourself.
Kat: That's really what makes me tick: trying to find out more about who I am and what gets me going, and surprising myself by digging deep.

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