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Who’s Your Favorite Bones Squintern?

With news that a sniper may take out a beloved member of the Bones crew in an upcoming episode, we wondered if that meant one of the squinterns was in potential danger. After all, a couple of the actors who play squinterns are now getting their own shows. Before we (potentially) lose one, why not pick your fave? Take a look at the following list: Who would you want on your team?

Dr. Clark Edison
Edison (Eugene Byrd) has been in 12 episodes so far, and we love the serious — yet funny — vibe he brings to the lab. All that talk between Angela and Hodgins about sex? He'll not stand for it! This is a professional environment! When Angela starts appreciating him a little too much during her celibacy phase (Season 4, "The Doctor in the Den"), he brings in his girlfriend to make sure Angela knows he's off limits. Of course, this just makes him even more adorable.

Daisy Wick
Oh, Daisy Wick… where do we begin? She's been fired from the lab not once, but twice, and she seems to annoy pretty much everyone (save Sweets, inexplicably) with her constant chattering and inappropriate outbursts. The gal who plays Wick, Carla Gallo, is getting her own show, so we're wondering (hoping?) that Wick takes some time away from the lab. Of course, we don't really want a crazed gunman to be the reason for her departure.

Wendell Bray
In the short time (just 10 episodes) that Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry) has been a part of Bones, he's managed to land a spot on Booth's hockey team, get with Angela, buddy up with Hodgins, impress Brennan, and get the whole gang to spring for his scholarship. All this love, of course, means he is the prime candidate (in our humble opinion) to fall to a sniper's bullet. If he does, we'll sure miss that gorgeous blonde hair and adorable smirk!

Vincent Nigel-Murray
Is it his accent, or endless supply of trivia? Whatever the cause, we totally dig Vincent Nigel-Murray. Just as he's about to drive Brennan and company completely nuts with unrelated facts, he'll whip one out that's helpful. Watching him work in the lab is kind of like watching an episode of Jeopardy: You feel smarter and somewhat exhausted after the whole experience. Ryan Cartwright, the actor that plays Murray, is getting his own SyFy show. Could that mean he'll be the sniper's victim? We hope not. A little bit of trivia now and then never hurt anyone.

Arastoo Vaziri
Let's face it: If you're going to fake an accent, don't do it in front of a team of people who are trained to constantly look for clues. Vaziri found that out soon enough, and in Season 5's "The Devil in the Details," he explained that he just didn't like all the questions about his faith. That's a good reason in theory, but with Team Brennan? There are no secrets! Vaziri finally came clean, and the team loved him all the more for it. (It doesn't hurt that Pej Vahdat is pretty darn hot.)

Colin Fisher
The depressive, dark, Eeyore-like Mr. Fisher (played by Joel David Moore) is the guy we wish we could hate. He's down on himself, down on life, and yet… and yet… there's something oddly endearing about the dude. Like in Season 4's "The Princess and the Pear," when he went undercover to help the team and ended up sleeping with a suspect. He found her depressive take on the world too irresistible. It was sick — and we loved it.

Professor Bunsen Jude
"When science gets icky, it's alright to be sicky!" Bunsen Jude was a guest squintern, but he made an impact on us nonetheless. He appeared in Season 6's "The Body and the Bounty," becoming Brennan's squintern so that she would agree to make a guest appearance on his kids' show. Brennan didn't want to, but she relented in the end. Bones' producers would like to have David Alan Grier back on in the future, and we understand why. "It's a barbarity that clarity is a rarity!" (We know it doesn't make sense, we just wanted to say it anyway.)

Zack Addy
It's odd to think of Dr. Addy as a squintern, isn't it? He was such a major part of the team, and we've discussed ad nauseum why we miss him so very dearly. We loved how he bonded with Hodgins, we respected his loyalty, dug his experiments, and we still wonder what really happened to make him snap and go to the dark side. Good thing Eric Millegan keeps busy on Twitter, or we don't know what we'd do. The only positive thing about Zack leaving Bones? He paved the way for squintern rotations!

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01.11.2011 / 01:08 AM EDT by Cherie Burbach
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