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Bones Spoiler: Booth and Brennan Have a “Pivotal Moment”

Bones producers are really trying to shake things up this year. First Booth comes back from Afghanistan with a girlfriend, then Brennan finally (finally!) admits she shouldn't have brushed off Booth's love so readily. With word that a sniper may take out a squintern, we don't think we can take much more!

What are we talking about? Of course we can take it! On that note, read on for some additional Bones scoop from TV Line's Michael Ausiello...

Brennan and Booth will have a "pivotal moment" in the March 3 episode (Season 6, Episode 16) when they find themselves trapped in an elevator together. Hart Hanson dished, "It's one of those things where they're forced together and they have to figure some things out." Like that they're madly in love with one another and need to hook up ASAP?

As if that's not enough, Michaela Conlin revealed that an upcoming convo between Angela and Brennan will be centered around Hannah. "We have a big discussion about her," Conlin said. "One word: juicy. It's a very juicy conversation."

All the more reason to tune in and see what happens!

Source: TV Line