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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison’s Episode 2 Bachelor Blog: Ashley Hebert and the “Great First Date Syndrome”

There may be something to Rosemaster Chris Harrison's "Great First Date Syndrome" idea. In his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2, Chris speculates that Ashley Hebert may fall victim to this newly invented curse.

As he explains, "I've noticed in the past that having the first date is great, but when it goes well — which Ashley's did — it then makes it hard to go back to the house and wait and watch all the other girls start to date your man. Ashley will begin to struggle with this like many have before her."

The most recent example is Frank Neuschaefer of Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette. He seemed to be paralyzed by jealousy when Ali went from dating him to dating everyone else in the house (like you're supposed to do on the show). He eventually left Ali for his girlfriend back home, and while it doesn't sound like Ashley is going to do that, the full season preview does allude to some serious Ashley H. drama.

Back to Chris's blog:

Where did the ages go? When mentioning Michelle birthday — she turned 30, if you didn't hear — Chris brings up the age issue. "Speaking of age, many of you have asked why we aren't showing how old the women are this year. I find it interesting their age makes such a difference to you. Not sure why age would make a difference in finding love. There actually is a technical reason the ages aren't on there this season: We changed the graphics up a bit and they just don't fit. But I will tell you if you pay attention you will learn how old these women are as we go. You found out how old three or four of them were this week alone, and the ages are up on the website on their bios."

Fang watch 2011: Chris shares some insight on Madison and her mysterious fangs. "As I said last week, Michelle, who's 30 years old, is a person who goes after what she wants, and she definitely stirs things up along the way as she does it. By the way, Madison and her fangs didn't get a lot of airtime this week but the girls did not forget about her. While she was out on the group date Sarah P., Lindsay, and Ashley S. devised a plan to see if Madison was really a vampire. They made crosses out of branches in the backyard and stuffed cloves of garlic under all the mattresses (just in case)."

Questionable statement: Chris says Pat Monahan of Train is "a huge fan of the show." Do you believe it?

Keltie's kicks: Rockette Keltie's brief time on the show was not wasted. Chris writes, "While Jackie was on her date, Keltie taught all the girls to do high-kicks in the backyard. Most of the women joined in but not Melissa, who was already at odds with Raichel as well as some of the other girls at this point."

Raichel vs. Melissa:
Chris is very blunt about the pair: "I don't know who was right and who was wrong and honestly I don't really care. What I do know is they spoiled the cocktail party that night for a lot of women. Their constant bickering brought the whole mood down in the house. Poor Ashley S. spent the night trying to reason with them and calm them down but neither would listen. A couple things these girls should now know about Brad: First of all he has no poker face. Did you see the look on his face while he was talking to Melissa? The second is that Brad doesn't like drama. I was impressed that he nipped this problem in the bud and sent both Melissa and Raichel packing. I will credit Melissa with giving us a great line by calling Raichel 'an energy suck'; I love that and will be using it now."

Coming up: Chris also teases "a very emotional episode" next week, where Emily reveals her tragic story to Brad. And Chris reminds us that he is hosting the 90th annual Miss America Pageant on ABC next Saturday, January 15, at 9 PM.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

01.12.2011 / 06:44 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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