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The Bachelor

Wetpaint Exclusive Interview with Bachelor Pad’s David Good: Raichel and Melissa Eliminated Themselves

David Good has already said redux Bachelor Brad Womack is a "man code man." He's not fake. He stuck to his guns and made an honest call back on The Bachelor Season 11. But how is he doing after two weeks of Season 15? Dave, who was on Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette before winning Bachelor Pad with Natalie Getz, is about to start a book tour to promote The Man Code: A Woman's Guide To Cracking The Tough Guy. While on tour, he's keeping up with Brad's second-chance journey, sharing his thoughts on Brad's progress.

Dave blogged about the premiere for his website, writing of Chantal O'Brien's infamous slap, "If I were Brad and a girl got out of the limo and slapped me from the jump without even knowing me I would hope that she brought another pair of shoes because she is walking home. That's just wrong on so many levels. However, I am sure ABC put her up to that."

And now, while nursing a cold and recovering from a night of both The Bachelor and college football, Dave talks to Wetpaint about the drama-fueled second episode:

Wetpaint: Between Raichel and Melissa and Michelle's birthday, do you think Brad made the right call in ditching the first two and keeping Michelle?
David Good: Yeah, you know, I do. Michelle really seems like she can be conniving. She's playing a smart game. I don't know enough about her yet just from two episodes, but I think that the other two girls just took themselves out of the competition. That was stupid. Especially the fact that — I had issues on the show, but I never really brought them up to Jillian. I never tried to talk bad about Juan to Jillian or anything like that when we had our problems with Juan. That was stupid for those girls to bring that up. It's only the second Rose Ceremony and Brad doesn't want to sit there and deal with that. I thought it was stupid on their part. They took themselves out of the competition.

WP: Who is standing out to you in a good way among Brad's women?
David: I really like Emily. I like both the Ashleys. I think those are my top three right now. A lot of the girls on that show, I don't know even who they are. They haven't made themselves stand out or they haven't gone on a date yet.

WP: What do you think of having 15 women on one group date? It doesn't seem to serve the purpose of meeting someone, it just seems to be for drama.
David: We went on group dates as well. Fifteen is a lot, that's true, but what kind of upset me, what would've been a big turnoff, were the girls that couldn't buy into the fact that what they were doing on that date was important. It was for a good cause, it wasn't just about him. It was for the Red Cross. They made a commercial that was on national television for a good cause. None of the girls could buy into that. It seemed like for the girls it was all about them. It was all about their time with Brad instead of somebody acknowledging the fact that "Hey, I'll put on a goofy outfit and I'll do this because it's for charity" ... I couldn't understand why none of them, they were all making a scene and dissing and hating on each other. I think if one girl would've came out to say, "Hey, you guys need to stop this, this is for a good thing. We're making a commercial, it's going to be on national television. Let's just have fun with it." I think that would've really stood out, but nobody did.

WP: Do you think that's something Brad should do? Should he be jumping in to kind of mediate the drama? He seems kind of passive.
David: He does, but I bet he doesn't have an idea half of it is going on.

WP: What has Brad done so far this season that you've liked and not liked?
David: He sent home the exact girls I would have last night — I mean, to a T, that's exactly who I was thinking. "Please send these girls home" — that's who he sent home. I think he's handling everything really good. I'm trying to think about my dislikes, I don't know if I have any right now. I think he's been great. He's in a hard situation. ... He's really gotta keep his eye on the prize and stay focused and not get caught up in just looks or just like a personality thing or one trait. I think he's doing great. Sending those two girls home, I honestly didn't think that they would let him send them home, because of the drama. That they may make him keep them around for another two episodes or something.

WP: How much do the producers have a say in it? Do they whisper in his ears and say, "Oh keep her around for this and that," or is it completely his own decision?
David: I can't really comment on that. But that should give you an idea of how it goes.

WP: There's a really long extended preview of what's coming along this season. Is there anything you're interested in hearing more about or seeing?
David: The thing that I want to see is, 'cause I really like Emily, I think she's a sweetheart, but she's holding back a serious part of her life. She's still got to tell him that she's got a kid and her [fiance] died in a plane crash. There's some big stuff, a big ball she's carrying around that she hasn't dropped on him yet. And I think she needs to soon, before he sends other girls home. That might not be something he's into.

WP: How do you think he'll react to that? That's a lot to hear from somebody.
David: I think he'll be caught off guard, for sure. I think he'll feel sympathetic for her, but then when he goes home and thinks about it he might have to try and soak that in. Is that something you want to take on, the fact that this girl was in love ... her [fiance] died and now she has a kid? ... That can be a lot of emotional baggage.

WP: What do you think about the girl with the fangs? She kind of took a backseat this episode, but she's a vampire girl. What do you think about her being there.
David: On my blog I put, does this girl actually have fangs? Does she have fangs or not have fangs? Are they real? I don't know. She seems fine. I think she did a good thing in not really trying to expand on her fangs thing. 'Cause he doesn't like that, you can tell. But yeah, she just kind of sat back this episode and kind of let the other girls take themselves out.

WP: So at this point do you think Emily is best for Brad or just best overall? Who do you think is best for him? I know it's early.
David: Yeah, it's early, but I like both the Ashleys right now.

Catch up on Dave's Bachelor thoughts and book tour intel at

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