Chris Harrison Explains His “Silly” Role as Rosemaster
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Explains His “Silly” Role as Rosemaster

Rosemaster Chris Harrison shared some interesting behind-the-scenes details about The Bachelor in an interview Wednesday, January 12, with Ellen DeGeneres.

Chris joked that one of the reasons the bachelorettes cry so often is because they spend hours and hours filming the cocktail parties and rose ceremonies and they're all in pain. The premiere rose ceremony, for example, goes on so long the sun is often coming up by the time they're done. Part of the reason Chris watches the shows again at home is to see what the producers keep and what they edit out.

During their sit-down, Ellen poked fun at Chris's ritual of announcing when they're down to the final rose. "Everyone knows it's the final rose," Ellen said. "There's only one rose. They know it. Yet, every single time, 'Ladies, Brad. It's the final rose.' How do you not laugh when you do that?"

Chris replied, "You realize how little I do on this show. So, please, please don't take away the one thing I do." In all seriousness, he said he was actually opposed to that idea from the beginning. "I wanted to get rid of that very early on," he admitted. "Eight years ago, I'm like, 'This is ridiculous.'"

But it does serve a purpose, Chris said, in setting the tone. "It's not about the math," he explained. "It's not saying, 'Ellen, there's a coffee cup between us.' You know that. It's kind of like, 'Oh my gosh. One of us is going home.' It's really about setting that moment. It's silly. There's really no way I can explain that it's not silly."

To stop from laughing at the silliness, Chris said he pictures his kids in college. "Keep a straight face," he said. "The kids gotta go to school."

Ellen tried to guess which woman Brad will pick in the end and attempted to read the truth in Chris's expressions. Jackie? Emily? Chantal? Ellen said she was right about Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette when she picked Roberto Martinez. "It's not Roberto," Chris quipped. That's a shame! Brad and Roberto would be a cute couple...

Source: People

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