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The Bachelor

Losers’ Circle: Rejection Quotes From Keltie, Melissa, and Raichel in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

See, this is what we wish we got to see on The Bachelor. In the "Diaries of the Departed" video, where the ousted bachelorettes have extended time to cry and rant, Season 15, Episode 2 reject Keltie Colleen explains why she's not surprised she didn't get a rose.

Keltie: "I had, like, the worst one-on-one time with Brad. I said something this week that really offended him and it just never really got better." What did she say? Intriguing... The Rockette also says it's hard to explain to people what life is like for someone who is in the entertainment world, but also lonely.

A tearful Melissa Schreiber says in the Diaries that she's glad to be leaving The Bachelor. "I am so happy to be going home. This was, like, the best outcome." Poor lady.

Raichel Goodyear says if she was a guy she wouldn't want to date a girl with all this drama, so she's not too surprised to be denied a rose either. So everybody agrees with Brad this week!

Here's what ABC aired during Monday's broadcast:

Keltie: "I really swear to God, if they gave out an Oscar for worst dater ever, it would go to this girl. I'm the worst. I'm just so awkward. Honestly, I don't know if love is in the cards for me. I think I'm maybe meant to be alone. This was kind of like my last-ditch effort 'cause I've done like the regular dating and the dating people at work — that never works out well. And then I did the being set up by people that I know. And then I did the online dating. I think I kind of exhausted all the avenues. I think that I'm gonna stick to kicking. Way easier."

Melissa: "I think there were several girls who targeted me and they needed to push me over the edge so that there was one less girl. And that sucks because I'm, like, a really nice person. I guess you can't be friends with everyone, right? I had a really hard time in this house and it's just a shame because I don't feel that I deserved it."

Raichel: "Nobody likes to be in this position. You feel rejected. It sucks, you know. I feel like I do deserve better than, like, standing here crying right now. I feel like I deserve to be smiling and laughing and talking with Brad. I don't feel like I should be sitting here upset. If I continue to be this way that means Melissa won. I came here to fall in love. I came here to fall in love, I didn't come here to fight with another girl. And the part that makes me, like, the most frustrated about this whole thing is I tried to put myself out there and this wasn't my time."

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