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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille to Kelsey: You’re Not Divorcing Me That Easy!

Oh, Kelsey Grammer. You didn’t really think you’d get away from your crazy estranged wife that easily, did you? Aw, you did. How sweet.

Camille Grammer just filed a request with the judge to deny Kelsey’s request for a “quickie divorce.” If approved, the quickie divorce would mean their marriage would officially be dunzo — meaning Kelsey could re-marry — but the ex-couple would still have to battle over their shared assets in the future.

But Cammy says doing this will "prejudice [her] rights to the community estate." She wants her money, damn it! What’s the rush anyway?

There’s no final verdict yet, but we’re kind of hoping the judge makes Kelsey suffer a tiny bit longer before he gets to gallivant off into the sunshine with his new lover. Don’t you think he deserves? Just a little?

Source: TMZ