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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Will Sean and Hanna Break Up?

Although Sean and Hanna don’t have the best relationship, it seems like this pretty little couple isn’t calling it quits just yet. Sean might be clueless when it comes to dating, but he cares about Hanna and wants to be with her. We’re not saying he’ll be tending to her every waking need while she's in a wheelchair, but rest assured Hanna/Sean fans because this adorable couple will stick together a little longer.

We assumed Lucas would put up a fight for Hanna, but it sounds like Sean won’t have to worry about him hanging around or kissing his girlfriend in her sleep. Chuck Hittinger told that due to Lucas’ poor behavior in Season 1, Episode 12 “Salt Meets Wound,” he'll be out of the picture for a while. Chuck explains, “After last week’s episode — when Lucas reveals what he did with Alison’s monument — there’s a lot of distance between Lucas and Hanna. That definitely puts things in Sean’s favor.” But even if Hanna stays with Sean, its not like he'll suddenly change and become more observant to her problems. Chuck explains, “As much as I want Sean to tune in and realize how she’s feeling, he has a lot of difficulty doing that.”

They may continue dating for now, however, something tells us they’ll go their separate ways by the end of the season. Chuck hints that Lucas will eventually re-enter Hanna’s life; he’ll “have to make amends” first though. As for Sean’s next girlfriend, it will definitely be a surprise. Unlike the books in which Sean goes out with Aria, Chuck hints that if Sean does break up with Hanna, he wouldn’t go after another little liar. “It would be a character you’d never expect…like Mona.” Can you imagine them together? We're not sure anyone could handle her and all her drama.