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Grey's Anatomy

The Pregnancy Shocker: Season 7, Episode 12 of Grey’s Anatomy

Another episode of Grey's, and more broken bones and broken hearts in need of fixing. Many of the characters have personal drama to work out as they operate on their patients and deal with their shadows.

Shadows? Huh? We're talking about the first-year med students whom Richard announces will be following the residents for the day. He also tells them that the competition to be the next Chief Resident is afoot. But what he doesn't tell them is that the students will be evaluating them. No one gets along with their shadow, except for Alex, who gets along a bit too well with Trashy Girl Student (a.k.a. Ash from Greek!). As a result, Alex is the only one to get a good evaluation. (Typical Karev behavior.) We see him winning the race for Chief Resident, do you? Vote!

Teddy Not Ready for Marital Responsibility: Henry introduces the Chief and Bailey to his wife, who happens to be Teddy. (Discretion is the better part of valor, dude!) The Chief nearly blows his top and gives Teddy a hard time, especially when she doesn't know whether Henry would want part of his pancreas removed. (The Chief found a necrotic cyst on it... and this after the realization that he would have to take out the kidney, too.) When Henry wakes, he tells Teddy that she's his emergency contact because she's the closest he has to a friend. He's only mildly bummed that he might be a diabetic.

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Nursing a "Fun" Buddy: Eli flirts with Bailey, even going so far as to leave a dirty note for her in a patient's chart. Bailey decides to let loose and have some fun after deciding that he's more of a Mr. Right Now than Mr. Right.

Unceremonious Day: A patient named Brady arrives with a crushed spine after being crushed by a horse his boyfriend Kyle hired for their domestic-partnership ceremony. His surgery goes well, thanks to the quick thinking of one of the shadow med students. Kyle (a.k.a. Rickie from My So-Called Life) explains to Callie that he just wanted their day to be as special as a real wedding.

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Mer/Der Bear No Fruit: Meredith tries all day to get a positive pregnancy test, peeing on as many as 10 sticks in total. She's disheartened when they all bear the same result, but Derek convinces her to be optimistic. Unfortunately, her med student shadow catches onto her girly behavior and gives her a sucky evaluation.

Yang Hangs Around: Also, Cristina's back at work all bright and shiny, and she's actually a front-runner in the Chief Resident race. She even ends up being nice to her shadow (a.k.a. Warren from Buffy).

Arizona's Atonement Attempts: Arizona moves back into Callie's apartment, much to Callie's frustration. While they work to restore cheekbones to a young teen's face, Mark advises Arizona to acknowledge her many faults. Arizona finally tells Callie that she bails when the going gets tough and begs for a second chance. Callie drops a bomb on her by telling her that she's pregnant with Mark's baby. Oh, snap!


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