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Wetpaint Exclusive! Emily Deschanel Confirms that Booth and Brennan “Get Closer Together”

We chatted up Emily Deschanel (Brennan) at the winter 2011 TCA press tour, and she gave us the lowdown on Bones' ever-evolving love triangle. It would have been nice if she'd settled the seemingly eternal will-they, won't-they tension between the two crime-solving partners by giving us some definitive scoop, but instead she just hinted at upcoming developments. Such a tease!

First off, Emily's fully aware that everyone under the sun wants Booth and Brennan to hook up; it's the number-one question fans ask her. "They want to know when Booth and Brennan are going to get together. And if Brennan will move on now that she's revealed her feelings for Booth."

On the topic, she revealed, "There's some scenes between Booth and Brennan where they kind of get closer together."

But instead of expanding on that, she moved on to the touchy subject of Hannah and Brennan. "After Brennan kind of reveals her feelings for Booth and breaks down and he says, 'No, I have a girlfriend,' that kind of... you know, the dynamic is slightly different between them, and then Hannah gets wind of the fact that Brennan has feelings for Booth and so that creates a whole situation for Brennan and Hannah. [...] They both have respect for each other, so it's hard. I mean, Brennan really likes Hannah, and she loves Booth and she wants him to be happy because she loves him. So she's conflicted by this [...] selfish desire to have him be with her, when ultimately she wants him to be happy. [...] It may bring Hannah and Brennan closer together."

Emily also dished that she has trouble watching herself in emotional scenes. "I still have not seen ['The Doctor in the Photo']. It'll take me awhile. It's hard for me to watch myself. [...] So eventually I'll watch it but it's hard."

Finally, she gave a shout-out to all us Bones fans out there, thanking us for being so loyal that Fox has been willing to give the show a post-Idol slot. "It's kind of unusual for a six-season show to get that opportunity. I think they do that usually with earlier shows. You know shows in their first or second season. So it's a great opportunity for them to believe in our show so much in the sixth season to be promoting it like that. And it's just a testament to our fans and how loyal they've been that they followed us from time slot to time slot every year. And so it's pretty incredible."

Well, you're pretty incredible yourself, Emily!

01.15.2011 / 05:37 AM EDT by Scott Huver
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