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Grey's Anatomy

What Will Callie and Mark’s Baby Look Like on Grey’s Anatomy?

We're still reeling from Callie's Big Announcement on Grey's Anatomy last night, so we took it upon ourselves to do a little baby-making using We input Mark and Callie's faces and came up with this adorable little munchkin. Attention: if you have a baby or know of a baby that looks like this computer-generated image, you will want to contact the casting directors of Grey's immediately and try to make a buck. Just sayin'.

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We will admit that we saw the pregnancy coming, but we didn't exactly realize what this baby was really capable of drama-wise until the words came out of Callie's mouth in that elevator with Arizona. Let's go over some possible issues that will spring up in nine months, pending Callie's decision to keep the baby:

- If Callie has the baby, Arizona will be upset because she didn't want kids in the first place (though she said she'd have them if it meant Callie would stay with her)

- Mark will be elated because he wanted to keep his grandkid when Sloane Sloan showed up

- Lexie will be crushed that McSteamy cheated on her while they weren't even going out

- MerDer will be jealous because their baby-making isn't going as swimmingly as they would have liked the second time around

- The Chief will have to deal with Callie's maternity leave by hiring another surgeon and therefore upsetting the entire balance of Seattle Grace (OK, we're overreacting a bit)

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