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Jersey Shore

Will Deena and The Situation Smush This Season on Jersey Shore?

Snooki stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today, and squashed some nasty rumors floating around about BFF Deena. Wendy, along with some other interviewers, apparently, have expressed some concern that Deena is secretly a subversive force in the house. But, Snooki stood by her girl and promised she wasn't trying to replace her. She insists that Deena's her girl and all her girlfriends are very similar — translation: Deena's not trying to be be Snooki 2.0.

"Deena's a sweetheart. There's a lot of misconceptions about us because you see us and you just see the party side of us," Snooki admits.

As for Deena's misled attempt at trying to get it in with The Sitch? "She was very nervous. That's why that episode looked very crazy for her," Snooki defends.

Unfortunately, Deena never quite managed to get it in with Mike. Snooki revealed that the two never hooked up. Way to dash our threesome hopes, Snooks.

Source: The Wendy Williams Show