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Pretty Little Liars

“Don’t You Guys Have Practice, Or Did You Lose Your Balls?” and More Pretty Little Liars Quotes from Season 1, Episode 13

Anyone can lie; it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from Season 1, Episode 13 of Pretty Little Liars, featuring plenty of sassiness from Aria. Who knew she had it in her?

10. Noel (to Ezra): “Nice vest — this is your teacher look, right?”
Either that, or his valet look.

9. Spencer: “And no golf for the newlyweds?”
Ian: “Well, you know — we spent most of our time indoors.”
Thanks for that image, Ian! We’re just gonna go vomit, and we’ll be right back.

8. Spencer: “What’s later?”
Emily: “Um, studying.”
Hanna: “Is that girl-on-girl code for ‘romance’?”
Hanna is shocked to learn that some people actually study.

7. Hanna: “They sent Betsy Berger there for huffing spray paint, and she came back as a drummer in a gospel band.”
Maybe Maya and Betsy can form their own gospel band?

6. Spencer (suspiciously): “Do you remember how Alison was acting when she got home from visiting her grandmother — all giggles and tan?”
Emily: “Yeah.”
Spencer: “Ali hated old people.”
Don’t old people get to eat dinner at, like, 4 p.m.? We’re jealous!

5. Hanna: “It’s not a secret, it’s a bombshell. Like, a nucular.”
Spencer: “It’s nuclear. Nu-clear.”
Hanna: “Okay, whatever. It’s still a disaster movie.”
Spencer gives Hanna lessons that she didn’t ask for.

4. Aria: “We’ve got comic books, more comic books, more comic books. “
Hanna: “Evidence of geekdom, but not a crime.”
The only thing Ian is guilty of so far is being a dweeb.

3. Melissa: “Don’t you love the thought of a little mini-me or mini-Ian running around?”
Spencer: “Not really.”
What’s harder to imagine — Ian as a father, or Spencer as a babysitter?

2. Spencer: “We need to find some kind of proof.”
Hanna: “Thank you, Veronica Mars.”
Hanna’s making a Veronica Mars reference? Way to stay topical!

1. Aria: “Don’t you guys have practice, or did you lose your balls?”
Aria keeps the football team on task.


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