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The Bachelor

Michelle and Her Ninjas: The Top 10 Stupidest Quotes from The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 3

While watching The Bachelor do you ever find yourself asking, "Where the hell do these fools come from?" Yeah, you're not alone. Dumb stuff gets blurted out on The Bachelor on the reg, and we're here to capture all of those golden moments — just for you. Here are our picks for top 10 most boneheaded lines from Season 15, Episode 3:

10. Nope! That was back in 2007 when you dumped two women on television, right after telling one of them that the final Rose Ceremony was going to be "a good day"
Brad [to Ashley S., before they sing]: On a personal note, this is probably going to be the most embarrassing thing I've ever done.

9. Dude, make it a huge blowout fight and dump her now
Michelle [to Brad]: You and I are kind of in a fight. Like, this is our first fight.

8. Which Chantal/Shawntel is she mad at here? She seems to hate them both
Michelle: I definitely think there needs to be a closing scene of me just drop-kicking Shawntel.

7. This makes us long for a Crazy Michelle-Off on Bachelor Pad 2: Michelle Money vs. Michelle Kujawa from Jake Pavelka's season
Alli: Oh my God, that girl's crazy. Michelle just seems, like, evil, like, bitch.

6. Slithery? Sounds nasty. And enough about the fireworks! We waited and they didn't show up
Michelle: When I kiss Brad, I'm going to give him, like, [a] sensual, sexy, slithery kiss. Fireworks are going to be going off in the back.

5. As long as they start with you

Michelle: I would love if some of these ninjas would just kidnap some of these other girls. Throw a bag over their heads and take them off and just haul them to, like, the desert.

4. Actually, Brad may be the one who ends up running away to the desert
Michelle: OK, listen, it's like this: All you ladies need to pack your bags, get your plane tickets booked. Farewell. Goodbye. He is mine. He's mine.

3. Michelle would find a way to hate Mother Theresa — especially on her birthday
Meghan: To pretty much describe Emily, she's like this little itsy bitsy Barbie doll with the soul of Mother Theresa. So you want to hate her, but you can't. 'Cause you can't hate Mother Theresa.

2. It's not cute to talk about them either, dear
Alli: Pit stains are not hot. I could easily have pit stains in this thing. [Checks under her arms] That would not be cute, no.

1. Just call it "making whooppee" like a normal person

Michelle: Soon enough it will be over and they will be gone and it will just be me an Brad in Tahiti, practicing making babies.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

01.18.2011 / 10:18 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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