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Pretty Little Liars

Top 10 Least Romantic Moments in Pretty Little Liars History

We loveee how Pretty Little Liars is filled with romantic moments, but what would our favorite show be without the not-so-romantic scenes, as well? Relationship problems are bound to exist (not every couple will be as adorable as Aria and Ezra) and the fights are needed to create drama. Amidst all the lovebirds, PLL is packed with love triangles, unrequited love, and downright creepiness. We’ve rounded up the least romantic memories, because let’s face it, the show wouldn't exist without ‘em.

10. The Emily/Toby/Maya Love Triangle
must have felt awful when she showed up to homecoming and saw Emily and Toby together. Ouch! Now Em and Maya are finally happy, but that was a pretty low moment in their relationship.

9. Lucas' Poorly Executed Jealous Rant
We know Lucas loves Hanna, but he had a strange way of showing it during his angry rant on her porch in Season 1, Episode 12. And now that Hanna knows he destroyed Alison’s memorial, we wouldn’t be surprised if she was afraid of him.

8. The Prestigious Tennis Application Fiasco
There’s not much we didn't like about Alex and Spencer, except for their upsetting breakup. It was harsh of Alex to assume Spencer sent in his tennis application and we cried a little when he left her. Refusing to even talk to Spencer and suddenly calling it splits was the worst Alex/Spencer scene ever.

7. Lucas' One-Sided Hospital Smooch
Once again Lucas had good intentions (displaying his love for Hanna), but sneaking into her hospital room in the dark, kissing her when she has a boyfriend and then vanishing was kind of creepy. Maybe he should tone down the weirdness and she'll actually like him.

6. Aria Witnessing Dad's Affair
Byron cheating on Ella with his student/TA, Meredith, is just plain gross, but them hooking up in his car and Aria seeing them... well, that’s repulsive. Poor Aria. That's one bad image she won’t be able to erase for a while.


5. Sean's Bad Homecoming Attitude
Anytime Sean denies Hanna is pretty unromantic, but him ignoring her when their photo was taken for Homecoming King and Queen takes the cake. Shouldn’t he appreciate his GF and be happy that so many people voted for them? Apparently not.


4. Ashley Marin and Officer Wilden's Quickie Affair
Officer Wilden might be hot, but something creeps us out about this guy. Maybe it’s that he’s always around threatening the little liars. We didn’t mind seeing him shirtless, but we were just as grossed out as Hanna when Ashley Marin slept with him just so Hanna wouldn't get in trouble. It doesn't get further from romantic than that!

3. Chemistry Class After Hours Is Creepy
It's no secret Toby has a dark side and when that comes out, he's hardly a romantic. Homecoming classifies as the worst date ever, considering Toby chased Emily in the science lab, freaked her out, and they both ended up badly hurt and covered in blood.


2. Ben's Attempted Rape in the Girls' Locker Room
Emily's ex-BF Ben was one of the least romantic parts of PLL, but his worst moment was when he forced himself on Emily. Sneaking into the girls' locker room and then attempting to rape his GF is seriously disturbing. Luckily, Toby was there to save Emily during this awful moment.


1. Jenna and Toby's Incestual Relationship
The absolute least romantic part of PLL is Jenna’s obsession with Toby. Can you say incest? Ew, Jenna needs to leave her stepbrother alone because he's not interested in her, even if he's stuck with her during his house arrest. (Or at least until he figures out how to use that screwdriver as an escape tool.)