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Wetpaint Exclusive! Dalton Warbler Luke Edgemon Talks All Things Glee

Ever since Kurt defected to Dalton Academy, we've made it our raison d'etre to get to know The Warblers. We recently sat down with Luke Edgemon, Warbler Flint Wilson, and we think we may have a new Glee crush. Not only are Luke's descriptions of the Glee cast spot on, but his enthusiasm for being on the show is totally infectious! Read on to see what it's like to be a new guy on set, what his preferred Kurt and Blaine mashup name is, and which characters he'd like to see get together on the show!

Credit: via Luke Edgemon's Twitter    

Wetpaint: Tell us more about your Glee character, Flint Wilson.
Luke Edgemon: I can't say too much, but I will say this: I absolutely love being a part of such an amazing family. It's definitely a joy for me.

Wetpaint:What’s the cause of your character's fight with Kurt in the Valentine’s Day episode?
Luke: Your guess is as good as mine about this fight I keep hearing about! Someone called me a tease the other day, because I won't tell any secrets from the set. But what's the fun of a secret if everyone knows, right?

Wetpaint: How’d you land the role? Will it become a recurring part? Were you a Gleek before joining the show?
Luke: I was definitely a huge gleek before becoming a part of the show. It's surreal to me, walking into WHMS. I sort of have to pinch myself every time I do and think, "I used to watch this on television, and now someone's going to be watching me." Wow.

Wetpaint: How is it being the new guy on set? Is it easy to make friends?
Luke: I think that was what I was most nervous about. I didn't know whether or not the Warblers would be welcomed when we were the new guys on campus, or how well liked we would be. Thankfully, though, we were more than welcomed by the cast and crew! Everyone is so sweet, and they genuinely care about whether or not we're being taken care of on set. We have each other, too. All of the Warblers came around at the same time, and became very close very quickly. We're a devoted family in little blue and red blazers.

Wetpaint: What’s your ultimate dream role?
Luke: One of my dream roles would definitely be to play Collins in a production of Rent. He's black, I know, but I still really dig his character. He has the best songs, too!

Wetpaint: Do you want Blaine and Kurt to get together? What should their mashup name be: Klaine or Blurt?
Luke: Speaking totally as a Gleek right now, I think I would love to see how Blaine and Kurt work as a couple. I'd definitely have to say "Klaine." Blurt sounds... nasty.

Wetpaint: Which songs have you performed so far with the Warblers (or other characters)? What would you like to sing?
Luke: I was in the sectionals episode with the boys, but only in a few of the dialogue scenes. I didn't do "Hey, Soul Sister" with them, and the other songs I've performed with them are unaired. Keep an eye out for me after the Superb Bowl, though! I would love to do a P!nk song with the guys, like "Get The Party Started" or "Funhouse."

Wetpaint: Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?
Luke: Unless something miraculous happens to my love life between now and February 14, I will most likely be sitting at home on Valentine's Day. Doesn't take out, a nice bottle of wine, a few close friends, and a movie sound great? [Editorial note: Sure does!]

Wetpaint: What are your Glee relationship preferences? Artie and Brittany or Brittany and Santana? Finchel or Puckelberry?
Luke: Definitely Artie and Brit. He is such a nice guy. [For Rachel], although I like both boys, I think I'd go for Finchel on this one. Puck makes Rachel act like a bad girl, and I like her a little better when she's nice.

Wetpaint: Now it's time for a lightning round: Give us one word (preferably an adjective) for each of the following names.

Lea Michele: Prodigious

Dianna Agron: Underrated

Heather Morris: Priceless

Naya Rivera: Flawless

Amber Riley: SUPER. STAR. (Wait. That's two words.)

Chris Colfer: Genius

Darren Criss: Hilarious

Jenna Ushkowitz: Striking

Jayma Mays: Astute

Jane Lynch: Entertaining

Matthew Morrison: Paramount

Cory Monteith: Sizable

Mark Salling: Badass

Kevin McHale: Tenacious

Chord Overstreet: Courageous

Harry Shum Jr.: Coordinated

01.18.2011 / 03:34 AM EDT by Heidi Suke
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